Justin Tennison Died

One of the members of the reality TV show “Deadliest Catch” was recently found dead in a hotel room in Alaska.

Authorities have commented on the 33-year-old Justin Tennison who was found on Tuesday in the middle of the day in a hotel which is located in the city of Homer.

Tennison was a crew member on the Time Bandit, just one of the many vessels meant for fishing on the Discovery Channel’s extremely popular reality TV show.

Randy Rosencrans a Lieutenant in the local police department commented, saying that the Deadliest Catch star died of what is considered to be unknown causes as of right now.

The autopsy will be performed soon to better determine what the actual cause of death is.

Josh Weinberg who is a spokesperson for the Discovery Channel said that it sends all of their sympathies to family of Tennison who was recently found dead in a hotel room.

The crew members on the show are also in the process of mourning the loss of one of their own. Although it is currently not known was initially lead to Tennison’s death, the autopsy which is scheduled to be performed soon will reveal all the details.

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