Kari Byron On Pregnancy Myths

Kari Byron Pregnant? Kari Byron from Discovery Channel hit show MythBusters is pregnant with her first child with husband,artist Paul Urich.Kari Byron is excited and happy with this life changing experience called motherhood.She has decided to bust few pregnancy myths while she is at it in a new interview with Pregnancy 360.She told the website the following:

I have weird little worries…like how loud does a gunshot have to be for the baby to hear it? And how much nitrogen can be in the atmosphere before it’s a danger to the pregnancy? I now know that I have to be 5,000 feet from an exploding bomb instead of 2,000 feet! [Laughs]
A lot of parents write me to say…thanks for being a women’s role model who’s not Britney Spears. I’m finding out that little girls look up to me, which is really cool, but sort of an unexpected side effect of all this.

Kari Byron is all women,intelligent and sexy,we can not wait to have her back.

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