Kate Gosselin Kids Not Expelled

Kate Gosselin Kids Not Expelled – Kate Gosselin said that her children were not in fact expelled from their schools as a report earlier this month stated. She does however admit that they are now being homeschooled because the stress of their new environment was simply too much for them to handle.

The star of the reality TV show Kate Plus 8 and mother says that her kids were in no way forced from the school and are now happily getting their education at home. She says that only two of her children are learning from home with the best tutors that work with them closely on all of the subjects they are expected to learn.

The 35 year-old Gosselin says that her decision to home school them came after she discovered the stress they were feeling from being in school along with the anger from the divorce that their parents are currently going through.

Although Gosselin did not comment on how her children are currently doing with being homeschooled, she did deny any rumors or statements which claimed that they had been expelled from their school. She also said that the holidays have been peaceful and so far no problems have arisen from any of her children’s living or school situations.

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    1. jennifer says:

      Jon is trying to confuse the kids with his sugar-type discipline. Kate wants them to grow up to be productive, good adults…unlike their “dad”.

    2. Becky says:

      Looks like Kate really enjoys being with her kids. Look at that face. No interaction at all. She must be trying to think of some other way to get her face back on TV!

      • Kathy says:

        Becky what is she supposed to do….keep eye contact with the kids all the time….she has to be able to walk. I give her credit….money or no money, fame or no fame….she still manages 8 kids….and did it for years without much outside help! She is a powerhouse! and I think, a terrific Mom!

    3. chris says:

      Bull. Those kids have hit, pinched, bit and spit at each other since they have been old enough to. Their mom doesn’t care if they hurt each other or behave inappropriately in public. She’s too busy paying attention to herself. No way would she care or notice if they were stressed out in school; I say they were asked to leave. And IF she is telling the truth (for once), why pull the kids from school? How about working on an amicable relationship with the kids’ dad? How about stopping their dumb reality show? She couldn’t care less about those kids beyond the fact that they are her gateway into show business.

    4. anon says:

      @Jennifer: Oh ya, Jennifer, Kate wants her kids to be materialistic, self-absorbed and lie. She is setting the example. Shop till you drop, get plastic surgeries because you should look like Barbie,then lie about it. Have a litter of kids like me and try to get on a relality t.v. show to exploit them and sell their privacy. Also never take the blame because whatever you do in life its never your fault. When you do have kids try to spend as little quality time with them but make sure they never get dirty and make sure they always follow your orders. Please don’t have kids Jennifer because Kate Gosselin is the worst role model and you will not be a good parent.

    5. anon says:

      @Kathy: Oh really??LOL. Your not to bright either. The nannies manage the kids and purse boy Steve has done his share. Kate ONLY manages them for the camera. These are photo opportunites for her. You are a fool if you believe this woman does any work.

    6. riley says:

      what 2 kids are being tought at home???

    7. ayla says:

      i think alexis and collin, riley

    8. ej says:

      WELL WELL WELL TLC finally wised up and dumped the whinning Gosslins. Now maybe I can start watching the network again

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