Kate Plus 8: Expelled Kids Story Out Of Script

Kate Plus 8: Expelled Kids Story Out Of Script – The recent expulsion of Kate Gosselin’s two children didn’t seem to make it into the script for the reality TV show “Kate Plus 8”. The omission comes as no surprise to those who have been following the exploits of her children in their new school, which they seem to be having a hard time adjusting to. The two six year old Gosselin children are not being home schooled after being expelled from the private school they were going to for bullying and name-calling. This is the result of anti-bullying policies which many schools have been adopting in the wake up bullying-related tragedies all across the country.

There are many who thought that this recent issue with Gosselin’s children would be covered in her reality TV show; however it has been announced that the recent news will not be included for reasons of privacy. The upcoming episode of the reality TV show will instead focus on how the family spent their Halloween together. THR was not able to give the press anymore details and a network representative was able to confirm this news. Gosselin herself is not talking about the recent news and is trying her best to keep the entire situation completely private.

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    1. Amber Syme says:

      I just read that Jon Gosselin is in jail. I didn’t know you could be arrested for being the worst father in the world.

    2. Kareen says:

      Amber, Maybe Kate should join him for being the worst mother in the world.

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