Kate Snow Joins NBC

Kate Snow Joins NBC – Kate Snow will be joining the cast of NBC’s dateline. Snow is one of the most recognizable anchors on national television and she has drawn many comparisons to Katie Couric. Snow normally hosts “Good Morning America” on ABC, a show that has seen its popularity grow significantly since she first started working there. Snow is considered by many to be a very high profile, highly talented news anchor. While there are no details of the contract that is in place or the monetary package that is included, it is assumed that Snow is being paid quite well in order to join NBC’s Dateline program.
The director of personnel at NBC also hinted that Snow will be doing a significant amount of writing for the show as well. He described her as the “full package” and highly complimented her ability not only as a newscaster but as someone with whom America can relate too. This does mean that she will be leaving the “Good Morning Show” on ABC, and will no longer be a part of the program that made her the news star that she is today.

She leaves “Good Morning America” after the position that was recently vacated by Diane Sawyer was not given to her, even though she was the clear cut favorite. It has been speculated that she harbored some resentment over not receiving the position, and left the network because of it. She has been highly lauded for her excellent coverage of many of the worlds largest events over the last few years including the last two presidential elections, and the tsunami. She also has provided coverage of the Haiti earthquake disaster straight from the ground in Haiti.

Snow is expected to join the Dateline team here soon, and will become a regular fixture on the program over the course of the next week.

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