Keith Olbermann On Current TV

Controversial talk show host Keith Olbermann is headed to Current TV also known as the Al Gore channel due to the former Vice President’s association with the network.

Olbermann’s personal left wing bend on the news and social issues are seen by critics and fans as a good move for the former MSNBC celeb.

It will take place later this year and in the meantime MSNBC will be watching to see if Olbermann’s viewers will shift from them to his new format.

If Olbermann is Current TV’s point man then it’s sure the network will have others following and should they be of the same political leanings they may build up a cadre of talent that gives MSNBC a run for it’s money.

A strong left wing network could well expand and under Olbermann’s shadow Current TV is going to have to watch it’s step.

Olbermann isn’t known as team player but could draw so much attention and revenue that it will be of great interest to marketing executives as to which direction Current TV will go.

The final say will be in whether the ratings go up. Should Olbermann or any of the following talent get the ratings and revenues up the face of cable tv and political talk shows will change drastically thus disturbing the balance of power of the powers that be.

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