Keith Olbermann Speaks Out

Keith Olbermann has finally started to speak publicly about what seemed to many like a sudden departure from MSNBC, going on his Twitter account to thank all of his fans for their undying love and support.

He stated that he would no longer be hosting the Countdown show for the network after a long ride and also said that the reports of the death of his career are greatly exaggerated.

Although there may have been a number of fans who were shocked by Oldermann’s announcement that he would be leaving the network, apparently Glenn Back was not as surprised.

Beck claims that the reason Olbermann is leaving is because he is a “pain in the ass” which he said nobody can stand working with.

Olbermann said that he was told that the eighth year of his show would be his last and that he is officially leaving the network for undisclosed reasons.

He has yet to comment on Beck’s statements that he is being fired because of his inability to work well with others, but the conservative talk show host insists he saw this move from MSNBC coming a mile down the road.

There are certainly a number of fans who will miss Olbermann and they have expressed how they feel through various online channels.

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    1. Jody says:

      Are you guys nuts loseing Keith. I loved watching his news show. Fox much be having a party right now. The world is upside down. He was my one safe place. Now I have no where to go that doesn’t lie. This is a big mistake Fox want to be’s.

    2. Nancy Wall says:

      Wish you would return, miss you so much, you the best….

    3. Neil Sagan says:

      It’s outrageous to call Glenn Beck a conservative talk show host. He’s a paranoid conspiracy theorist and smear propagandist who walks the tightrope of defamation while demonizing obscure so-called enemies of America and putting their lives at risk by unhinged fans with his violent rhetoric and unfounded demonization. He has Nazi tourettes and an obsessive compulsive need to say “shoot them in the head.”

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