Kim Richards Alcoholic? Reality Star In Rehab

Former child actress and now star of the hit show “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Kim Richards is reported to have been admitted into a rehab by her own family at the series’ season finale.

Richards won the hearts of movie and tv audiences as “Prudence” on the 70’s sitcom “Nanny and the Professor” and several films such as “Race To Witch Mountain”.

According to the story from the NY Daily News, the decision to admit Richards into rehab came when she was embroiled in a dispute with her sister Kyle. While at fellow castmate Taylor Armstrong’s birthday get together, the argument escalated. Richards was drunk and a fight from a previous incident was rekindled.

The two women continued their war of words and things went downhill from there.

It’s reported that after Richards was admitted to rehab she left a week later and her relationship with her sister has deteriorated with neither speaking to the other.

No reconciliation is known of yet and viewers will have to stay on top of the story via the show’s blog where some information has come to light.

Kyle goes on to discuss her disappointment regarding the incident and does not give anymore details about the problem, awaiting Kim to give her side of the story.

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    1. Texanne says:

      Well as I understand it, Kim was the one that paid for the family’s house, etc. back when she was in movies. Maybe she felt like she was being used. It seems like alot of the child actors turn out like this.

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