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Kitty Kelley Oprah Book – Kitty Kelley’s newest book, “Oprah: A Biography” delves deeper into the Queen of daytime TV’s life than anyone has ever delved before. The book just hit the shelves, but was making waves in Hollywood for days before its release. The book began to garner attention after it leaked that in the book Kelley would provide details about a 1970’s romance between Oprah and John Tesh, the long time host of Entertainment Tonight. It is said that Tesh left their Nashville apartment in the middle of the night because he could not deal with the stresses of being in an interracial relationship in the 1970’s.

The book is 445 pages long, but much of the information contained in the book is already publicly available, or has been released by Oprah herself. At one point in the biography, Kelley claims to know the identity of Oprah’s biological father, something that even Oprah claims to be unaware of. However, much of the other information that is included in the book is not all that “juicy,” with a majority of the information covering Oprah’s early career in television and her time at school.

The identity of Oprah’s father was apparently revealed by her cousin, Katharine Carr Esters. However, Esters’ asked Kelley not to reveal the identity of the man until Oprah’s mother has a chance to tell Oprah who her biological father was. Vernon Winfrey, the man who helped to raise Oprah, has already confirmed that he is not her biological father, however the two remain close and have a relationship that could be described as similar between that of a daughter and her father.
The book, one of the first and most detailed of its kind, also rehashes several old stories that Oprah has discussed previously, including her teenage promiscuity and her time using and abusing illicit drugs. While the information may be interesting, a good portion of it has been available in other books and on the Internet for years. Oprah is generally very open about her past on her day time talk show.

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