Kourtney Kardashian Loses 45 Lbs

It looks like Kourtney Kardashian is pushing her way back into the limelight, after sisters Kim and Khloe had their turn for awhile.

The 31-year old Kardashian sister was recently featured on the cover of OK! Magazine looking thin and svelte, while declaring that she had lost 45 pounds since giving birth to her son Mason, who was born last December.

She gave an interview to the magazine, talking about what she had done to speed up her weight loss, and how she felt about her newly toned body.

“They say it takes a full year to really get your body back. I believe that. I was 140 pounds when I gave birth and I’m 95 now,” Kardashian said.

When asked about her diet and exercise plans, she said that she was given a meal plan that curbed her portions and let her eat more frequently. She also began a fitness regimen that included running and strength training.

The star also talked about how she worked being a mom into her diet plans, saying, “I’d take him on walks when he was a baby and do squats while holding him…For me, it is about being a healthy mom, and not being a certain weight.”

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