Lady Gaga American Idol 2010 Diva Demands

Lady Gaga American Idol 2010 Diva Demands – Lady Gaga has reportedly made some relatively crazy demands for her appearance on American idol. She is scheduled to perform on the May 5th episode of the popular singing talent television series. She has performed on the show previously, the last time coming two seasons ago when she performed her hit song “Just Dance.” She was less popular at the time, and has seen an explosion in popularity in recent months after many smash singles and two number one albums.

Reportedly, Gaga has gone diva and has made demands that the studio may not be willing to meet. According to Ok! magazine, Gaga has been demanding a $250,000 paycheck for appearing on the show. Counter arguments would be that Gaga would be receiving a large amount of free promotion from her appearance, and a paycheck that large is not necessary. At first, the producers reportedly were not willing to cut Gaga such a large check.
“They thought it was just crazy she was asking for so much money,” said an inside source. “It was just too much money to pay talent for a performance.”

However, Gaga is still scheduled to be performing, so the executives must have decided to meet the demands that she made.

“Lady Gaga will make some jaws hit the ground as she wears a black thong with a revealing black fishnet bodysuit,” said one eyewitness of the performance. “It’s a typical provocative costume, but it’s a little shocking.”
Lady Gaga has been known for her shock value.

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    1. Jersey Boy says:

      Wow, this is soooo old, the filming was a couple of days ago, BOOK IT!

    2. nehope says:

      Actually, didn’t she also perform Poker Face in 2009 because that was the first time I was ever aware of her existence and the only season of AI I’ve ever watched was 8.

    3. Run says:

      is there any evidence at all to support these reports of ‘diva demands’?

    4. Nick says:

      The woman sold her home to help fund her expensive tour. Gaga sure knows what she’s worth, and I bet American Idol viewings will explode on YouTube as a result.

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