Law And Order Los Angeles Delayed

NBC is making quite a few changes to the midseason schedule which will affect Law & Order: Los Angeles as well as “Parenthood”.

The new Law & Order show has already been on a two month hold and will not be going back on the air February 8th as was originally planned by the network.

A later date will eventually be announced, but for now it is still on hold. The show “Parenthood” is scheduled to leave its usual Monday slot at 10/9c to take over that of “LOLA” on Tuesdays at the same time as before.

Although NBC did not give a clear reason as to why “LOLA” has been pushed back, they say that they are very pleased with the way things are going with regards to ratings.

The role of Alfred Molina went from deputy district attorney to a police detective in a relatively short period of time, provoking some unhappy responses from viewers. Terrence Howard will now be making occasional appearances on the show as the deputy district attorney.

The series “American’s Next Great Restaurant” will start on March 6th instead of the originally-scheduled date of March 16th. While all of the recent changes are somewhat startling to viewers, NBC has nonetheless changed things up with the schedules for a number of shows.

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