Law and Order Series Finale

Law and Order Series Finale – Law and Order has come to an end after their 20th season. The long running show has changed cast on several occasions, but continues to reign as one of the most successful scripted dramas of all time. The show, which has nearly 400 episodes to date, is the longest running scripted drama of all time. Unfortunately, the show will be leaving after this season to make room for another spin off that will use its name. The show is designed to be closed ended each and every week that it runs, so it is unlikely that the show will feature a huge finale in the way that both Lost and 24 recently did.

There are a few story lines that run throughout each season regarding the characters, but for the most part viewers are able to watch each episode individually, week to week without missing a beat.

The final episode, which aired Monday, was a little bit different than many episodes that fans are used to. Titled “Rubber Room,” the show wasn’t originally shot with the series ending in mind. That decision wasn’t made until mid-season, when the show continued to under perform.

The episode featured Detective Lupe and Detective Bernard running down reports that someone was intending on blowing up the school, while other characters tended to their health concerns (namely Merkerson’s cancer). While they may not have known that it was going to be the series finale, they had known that Merkerson would be starring in her last episode at the end of the year.

Reportedly, there has been some discussion regarding a movie to give the series a proper send off, but there has been no official word on that just yet.

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