Leighton Meester Mom Constance Meester Spreading Threats

Unfortunately for actress Leighton Meester, it seems that her mother, Constance Meester, was recently accused of making death threats against a woman who used to be friends with her and has now requested a restraining order against the woman.

Constance Meester is currently serving as the actress’ manager, and she was recently accused of threatening to “hunt and kill” Laurel Wigg and her son.

Wigg lives in California, and her son currently attends the same school that Constance Meester did. She came out about the death threat, which she claims was made on January 21st.

In the paperwork that she filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, she claimed that Constance “is an addict and has made a threat to kill.”

Unfortunately for Meester, it looks as though her troubled past could be catching up with her. In 1985, she was convicted on drug trafficking charges and had to serve ten years in a prison on Texas. Her daughter was born while she was prison, and was sent to live with Constance’s mother until her release in 1995.
So far Leighton Meester has not made any comments about the accusations against her mother, or the subsequent restraining order.

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