Life Unexpected Cancelled: Report

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement about ‘Life Unexpected’, it seems that the CW has decided that they will not be bringing the show back for a third season.

The finale, which could be for the season or the entire series, recently aired on Tuesday, January 18, and it seemed to tie up quite a lot of loose ends.
Right before the last episode ends, viewers are taken two years into the future, where the scene is Lux’s graduation.

It seems that quite a bit has changed in two years, including the fact that Lux and Jones are an item, and Tasha is seemingly okay with it all. They also show Cate and Baze as a couple, and Ryan looks like he is fairly content with Julia and the son they have together.

Finally, Math’s girlfriend is pregnant, although that doesn’t seem to need as much of an explanation. Right before the finale was shown, the creator of the show, Liz Tigelaar told the press, “I feel like it was a coming of age story for Kate, Baze and Lux. And I think by the end, they all get to where they are supposed to be. I think that people will be really happy with it.”

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    1. Lyn says:

      I am constantly disappointed by the decisions of network heads. It seems as though they can’t wait to get rid of good tv to make room for trash. Before long there will be nothing left on tv to watch. It is as if they are idiots. Life Unexpected was quality tv I actually expected this to happen, none the less I was still disappointed.

    2. Gini says:

      There are alot of TV shows to watch. So many of them are so poorly written, that it’s hard to believe they stay on the air. Life Unexpected was one of the well written, honest shows. How a network can let it go, well I don’t understand. That same network will keep stupid shows like Hellcats ? ? ? ? Come on ! ! ! ! This tells me this network & other networks do not want an audience with a brain.

    3. Ileana says:

      this is upsettin and ridiculous!!!!!!!

    4. amx says:

      I am so disappointed that this show will be cancelled! Just plained shocked!! Please bring back!!!!!

    5. Mary says:

      I live in Vancouver where the show is filmed. I’m friends with someone who had a small part in the series, they said the show was probably canceled from what they heard on set.

    6. Nichole says:

      I agree! What the hell? This was a GREAT show! They can not cancel on me!

    7. Sarah says:

      I can not believed they canceled this show! I am so disappointed! This was a good show that has a lot to offer. The people at the top don’t know good tv when they have it I guess. very disappointed with this decision

    8. Shell says:

      I am really upset if this show get cancelled. I would love to see more of Life Unexpected!

    9. Brianne says:

      WHAT THE H!!! I was REALLY confused by the whole ending…I would have liked to see how they all got there and am hoping it will come back for a 3rd season and we will get the back stories of all the new hook ups. This is an AMAZING show with a great story and I really hope you guys don’t F up and cancel it…I think a lot of people will be disappointed and very upset with the CW. Don’t let this be another Privelaged!

    10. Kim says:

      i have been a hugh fan of ktla and now the cw. it use to be the only channel i watched. i am disappointed at the fact that lucus and peyton left one tree hill and now you are cancelling life unexpected. it was a great show that i fell in love with and was hoping it was coming back. i still watch one tree hill and loved life unexpected and hellcats. but it seems that all thats airing is junk. i guess i am going to have to find a new channel to watch cause i am getting tired of all the junk shows.

    11. Lynne says:

      I can’t believe that the network would cancel such a great show. I looked forward each week to watching Life Unexpected and this would be a Huge disappointment if the show gets cancelled. This is a refreshing, well written and delightful show. It is, in my opinion the best show on the air. Please, please don’t cancel Life Unexpected. I don’t know who is responsible for making such a stupid decision as to cancelling the show. But they should be fired and keep Life Unexpected

    12. angie says:

      I am constantly amazed.. no I think pissed is the correct word.. that THE best show on tv is gonna to be forced to punk out. Seriously never will understand how quality shows are kicked to the curb for absolute useless, brainless shows flaunting half dressed “cheerleaders” and the like. I can only hope another channel picks up this show as Southland did. The fans brought this show back once I say we unite and raise it up again. I have not seen a cast so fully qualified, scripts more realistic, and heartfelt in the past…only now can I look to the future and hope that this mistake will be undone.

    13. Dawn says:

      I can’t believe the CW cancelled this great show, they have lost all of my respect. I like TV shows which takes talent & acting skills & this was it. Please keep this show on & don’t put another horrible reality show in it’s place.

    14. leesha says:

      this show rocks my socks….how can they cancel this sh*t??

    15. tami says:

      i am VERY VERY Disappointed if they cancel this show… i am not a TV watcher but the second i saw the 1st episode i was so attached to all these charactors and the story. i think i have only NOT cried on a couple episodes. PPPLLLLLLEEEEEEASE Reconsider the Cancel!!!

    16. Nichole says:

      Not happy about this show being cancelled! I really wish someone would reconsider, this show rocked! Although, I prefer Kate with Ryan. I would still watch it.

    17. Jodie and taylor says:

      My husband and I really enjoy watching this together and are very upset to hear they are canceling it!!!!! And we would also like to see how it all ended up like that… yeh we all hoped Kate and baze would end up together but it would have been great to see how they got together!!!

    18. Tamara says:

      they rushed into the whole thing and am i the only one that found Lux’s speech at the graduation out of place i thought only the class president, valedictorian and salutatorian gave a speech on that night? everything was left without answers ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh i absolutely hated this finale idk how Kate and Baze ended up together and soooooooooo much more shame on you CW someone else needs to pick up this show because its obvious CW doesnt know what to do with a good thing first the game now Life Unexpected

    19. Carmen B. says:

      Wow! I can’t believe Life Unexpected has ended. This was one of the best real life shows I have ever seen. I was put up for adoption, so I could relate, and besides that it was an awesome show to watch with my family. I’m so sad for the actors/actresses, and I hope to see them in upcoming films. I wish all the best in the years to come. I wish the networks would remove some of the ridiculous reality shows, and keep shows like this one that made more sense and was more real. Again, Good Luck and Kudos to all of you.

    20. Kristin says:

      This is total BS! This is one of the most heart warming and real shows on television… you are going to air crap like hellcats but end this??? I am getting fed up with the CW!

    21. Jodie and taylor says:

      Hopefully a network like abc family will pick it up I think that would be a good home for it!!!!

    22. laurel says:

      I hope they bring this show back because I am tired of the crap that has been taking over the different networks. Hellcats, reality tv, all of it blows. Life Unexpected was original and the acting really drew you into the show. It wasnt some stupid petty show where girls scream and fight with each other all the time. Bring it back!

    23. Jenn says:

      Soooo upset to read this! I absolutely loved this show. It was real, the acting was great, the story was different from all the other shows on these days. Life Unexpected will truly be missed. I hope it comes back.

    24. Mo says:

      I’m with everybody else here, this is a major disapointment! Don’t they realize the viewers that are watching shows like hellcats are all weird & creepy middle age men?? Bring back LU!!

    25. elizabeth says:

      i am utimately pissed off on a constant basis, it seems like all that the cw keeps doing is starting a show and then cancelling a show! life unexpected was by far the best show they have ever aired on t.v. and for these ppl (cw) to have no regard of how this type of show and story line really affects ppl and young teens. this show needs to be on not just for entertainment but for guidance and hope that your not the only one at there. your not alone!!

    26. Valerie says:

      I am also very upset that this show is canceled this is one of the few shows that my husband and I can watch together.I also would have loved to see how they got to the two years later I am just really confused as to why it ended so quickly it was a good show and it is only the 2nd season…??

    27. Sabrina says:

      I can see why this show was cancelled. Every eposide got more and more ridiculious and in my opionion it is not apprioriate material for teenage kids. Which is surprising because that should be the target audience since the show is about a teenage. Now I am disappointed because I love the way the show ended. These characters have so much drama in their lives it’s comical but that’s what makes good TV. In my opionion, CW should give the show one more season to see if the updated storyline can bring in more viewers. I think it will.

    28. Natalie says:

      just finished watching the season finale of Life Unexpected. So very upset to think it is or might be cancelled. I have been watching it since the first episode and haven’t missed even one.

      As usual, the good stuff gets cancelled to make way for garbage. Big mistake.

    29. April says:

      I love this show! There are very few shows left on the CW that I will watch…..this is one of them. It seems that in the beginning the CW had all these great shows, character centered, characters you could care about. This just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…’s becoming trashy like some many other networks out there. Don’t do it!!!!!

      I think that this show is a true testimate to the world today…..complicated families, relationships, lives. Such a positive show (in my humble opinion). I agree with Sabrina that the updated storyline could give new life to the show. Give it one more season!

    30. Sanantha says:

      Omg I can’t believe they cancelled this show I’m absolutely gutted I love life unexpected they should make a 3rd series it’s such a good story line why cancel it? Now they are only gonna show rubbish tv shows that people have seen like a thousand times !! Really not happy

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