Lindsay Lohan Dancing With The Stars Denial

Many have speculated about what it would take for Lindsay Lohan to make a comeback , and some fans believe that ‘Dancing With the Stars’ would be one of the best things for her.

Although her rep says that an appearance on ‘DWTS’ is unlikely, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from floating around that Lohan is in talks with the producers of the show.

Her publicist recently said, “She isn’t doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’. However, a supposed insider to Lohan recently told that, “She is definitely interested and considering being on the show. Lindsay’s treatment team thinks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ would be a perfect transition back to work for her.

She would have a set schedule every day, would be occupied and would be very productive.” Continuing on, the insider said, “Lindsay wanted their approval before proceeding in talks with the producers and she got it.”

The reality TV show recently saw their highest ratings in three years, due to their controversial cast member, Bristol Palin. Palin caused a huge controversy, and cries of voting fraud, however, she walked away with the third place trophy.

So far there have been no official reports about next season’s cast.

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