Linsey Vonn Law & Order TV Role

Linsey Vonn Law & Order TV Role – It seems that everyone involved with singing wants to be an actor. Then there’s the other side that every actor wants to be a singer. More and more it’s starting to become that even sports stars and completely unrelated but still publicized jobs are seeking out career in these categories. Well that might be the case here, or it might not. Linsey Vonn could have some serious acting skills that were unaware of. Soon we will have more of an understanding though because this Winter Olympic gold medalist scored a role on an extremely popular television show, “Law and Order.” You’ve probably caught the show on television before and seen a glimpse of what it’s about, or maybe you’re a long time watcher. It features some of the best crime and punishment television from some big names.

The skier is said to be featured in the office on the show. So while she might not be out catching bad guys like the rest of the crew, she still will have a pretty decent role. After all, a lot of the show takes place right there in the office. Vonn’s main shot is going to be recorded in Brooklyn on April 9th. She’s going to be giving the detectives a hint as to where a local known terrorist might be residing. The episode will be played on May 24th so mark your calender if you want to see Lindsey in action, you’ve got some time to kill before you will and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Vonn was the very first American woman to win a gold medal for the downhill skiing portion of the Olympics. Quite an accomplishment for a young woman. She says “Law and Order” is one of her favorite shows and that she “couldn’t be more excited” to be featured with an important role.

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