Lisa Rinna Leaves Celebrity Apprentice 2011 After Star Jones Ugly Fight

NBC’s latest season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ got ugly when Lisa Rinna’s and Star Jones’s tumultuous relationship got out of hand and this led to the actress’ elimination from the show.

Rinna seemed little match to Jones, who is best known for co-hosting The View. Jones also earned her law degree from the University of Houston.

Who would have thought that developing a children’s book would have led to such conflict? Rinna, who is known for her roles on Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, may be less qualified for the job as Trump’s apprentice.

It was unfortunate that the media analysis of Rinna’s and Jones’s behavior led to talk about race and class. Rinna was voted team leader, primarily because the rest of the team, though they don’t all admit it, thought she would be a bust.

This led Rinna to defend her “class” when she commented on her dealings with Jones. The implied contrast between Rinna’s behavior and that of Jones is prevalent throughout the dialogue.

Jones was certainly tough on Rinna, but the attention to her behavior comes mostly from the opposite camp. There does seem to be bitterness remaining between the two celebrities, though they both deny it since the show’s end.

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