Lone Star TV Show Cancelled

Lone Star TV Show Cancelled – Before it’s premiere, ‘Lone Star’ was a favorite of critics, who expected the show to do quite well, and spoke highly of it in many areas. However, this was not the case as the show was canceled after being on air twice. The debut of the show received 4.2 million viewers, and fell the second week to 3.2 viewers.

Speaking on this matter, the show’s creator, Kyle Killen, gave his thoughts.

“Premiere week looked like a lot of speeding trains on the same track, with lots of carnage and wreckage,” he thought. “And Monday turned out to be a surprisingly difficult night. There are really strong returning shows and a heavily hyped new show. I think we got lost – we got missed by a huge swath of America.”

Replacing the show is ‘Lie To Me’, which is in it’s third season. It was planned to start at a later date, however it has been brought in to replace the failed ‘Lone Star’.

Critics, however, loved the show, with Metacritic saying “if this isn’t the best-received pilot of the season, it’s close” while The A.V. Club called it “the best network pilot of the year”.

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    1. April says:

      This makes me sooo sad. I watched the first two episodes thinking this was going to be my new favorite show since Prison Break went off the air. Booo! Bad decision FOX! Please bring it back. How can you cancel a show after 2 episodes???

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