Lost Series Finale Review: The End Explained

Lost Series Finale Review: The End Explained – After six seasons of mysteries, the television series Lost said goodbye on Sunday night to its many many fans with a double episode.The installment marked the return of many characters that vanished few seasons ago,there was also an epic battle between good and bad but many questions are still unanswered.

The 114th and last episode, titled The End, was very disappointing and shocked the viewers by revealing that all the characters were really on  the Island and when they passed away they moved on the flash sideways where as soon as they made peace with themselves they could eventually move on to heaven.

But then again how did you expect the writers to explain the presence of polar bears in the tropics and a disturbing column of black smoke that moves between the palm trees.

The End was bad so hopefully the series will be remembered for its innovative narrative techniques: unconventional flashbacks to recapture the characters in their past, original flash-forwards (jumps in the future) and then in the sixth and final season, flash-sideways, an alternate reality where the plane would not crash.What are your thoughts on the finale?

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    1. Al Winston says:

      Another series that ended this past week, the British ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’ ran 5 years, and like ‘Lost’, had mythological, spiritual, and metaphysical undertones throughout. The key difference was that the writes clearly laid out the plot from the start, knowing what their characters were and what they meant to do and why. ‘Lost’ was the opposite- the writers clearly had no idea the show would be renewed after the pilot, and they ‘made it up as they went along’. Hence nothing was explained, like the ‘heart of the island’ which was nothing more than a magic light that screwed with peoples’ lives. No explanation for what it was and certainly no rhyme or reason to its actions. Characters disappeared from the series, behaviors went unexplained, and actions were random and had little sense (how did the island disappear? Oh, right- ‘magic light’). As with all weak writers, they gave up and simply dumped the mess into the realm of “God did it” and sent everyone to heaven. What a bunch of weak and deceptive authors. Thankfully, this dog is done.

      • chris says:

        its too bad you let a good show be ruined for you. how about you have some imagination and make up what the light meant to you and what the island was to you. stop being a fucking sheep if you are going to judge writing, think creatively for yourself instead of ruining the experience of a great show. and god i hope you are thinking that shows (or art in general) isnt there to make you have to think. wanker

        • ChrisIsATool says:

          You are one that is a sheep. If we wanted to use our imagination to answer the gazillion questions presented, what good is this show? We’d have just written our own story. The fact that you got so upset and rude at that poster means you know deep down that you just wasted a bunch of your time.

        • Some dude says:

          I honestly have to agree with Al, Jayk, and the other people who are dissapointed here. If you have to leave THAT much up to your imagination, you might as well right your own 10 inch thick screenplay and read it to yourself. The obvious fact here is that the writers of the show strung people along for six seasons with the false hopes of having the key mysteries of the island revealled. The People that keep saying how great of an ending it was and that they are willing to except the fact that questions went unanswered are just avoiding the fact that they just got robbed bigtime. Think about it….The only questions that were really answered in the finale were questions that were presented in the very beginning of season 6. I’m not saying that the ending or the episode itself was bad(it was quite well done in fact), but to me it was just another episode with a strong emotional undertone and more questions at the end of it. The ending was nothing more than a deflection, designed to consfuse people who were not fully invested in the shows mysteries. As for the rest of us who invested the 120 hours of what now appears to be mystical BS to find out that this is all they could come up with in the end, have a right to be dissapointed. As for the rest of you people that argue the finale was truely about character delima, development, and what happens to the “people in the story”, let me ask you this…what kept you watching the show year after year? If your answer is some sappy drama with massive charcter arcs and a depressing conclusion, would it not be easier to just watch a soap opra instead? You can get over 50 years and three generations of “people” stories there….with about one tenth the budget. And as far as the writing is concerned, the show died when Abrams left. It was just a slow and confusing death….next to a dog.

    2. Jayk says:

      The ending was terrible, the show had been going downhill since season 4 but I kept with it in the hope they would end it well. I think they winged it for the 1st few seasons and bit off a bit more than they could chew with the plot. Too many things were left unresolved and the ending was a complete cop out, way too obvious.

    3. hot tempered says:

      so the island was half way house so what was the darma how did widmore no how to get there ????stuck with it all this time like a failed marriage blowing a big raspberry here.one last thing kate clare swyer and others flew away so how comes there in the church has they did not let go

      • dashinator says:

        I thought it was pretty clear. The island was not purgatory. Christian Shepard made it very clear that everything that happened on the island was real. Jack died at the end, and all the other characters in sideways world(purgatory) had died at some other point in time. Hurley’s comment to Ben about him being a great #2 in front of the church was a pretty clear hint that they had lived on for much longer, for example.

    4. Shin says:

      And why did the Flash sideways have a different life completely? Soya= a cop? Jack with a son? I really don’t understand… How had Jack and Juliet met previously..

      • Natalie says:

        I think that its because if she never went to the island she had a completely different life but was still a doctor. It’s the same with Desmond, in the side ways flash, Desmond wasn’t married to Penny on the plane.

    5. Robert says:

      Although i think the finale was not that great and left a lot of things hanging I think you should watch the last few minutes again and listen to what Jack’s father tells him. Who knows i may be wrong but i took it as it was a way to meet after they had all died not that they were all dead already. He did say some of them died before you and some died long after you.What happened on the island happened and when it was done life went on for the remaining people so really the flashsideways was more of flashforward of when they all had finally died.

      • Natalie says:

        Yeah I think you’re right. I don’t think everybody died on the island. They all died and then after they all died they all ended up in the side ways flash, a place they’d all created together to meet after they’d all died. Then they could move on.
        However.. There were a lot of references this series to people being stuck on the island because they couldn’t move on. I also still don’t understand why Hurley could see all the dead people and still it was never definatively explained why that particular island, why it was so special. I was hoping it would be the centre of the earth or something!

    6. Ryan says:

      I have to say that you are shallow, emotionally and physically. I can’t believe that somehow that finale did not flood you with emotions. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE DAMN FINALE was to illustrate that the island IS NOT important, but the characters were. The writers knew that the answers they gave would not satisfy everyone, and that the attractiveness of LOST, so they left it to the viewers tot theorize if it was “God” or electromagnetism or whatever. By the way, the polar bears were there because the DHARMA folk had conditioned them to live in the climate, and when they disappeared the bears got out. I was exctremely happy with the final, and that is how I will remember it. Lost did not end in a way that viewers would close the book and say “Oh I’m done with that.” It ended in a way that would leave the veiwers dissecting it. The show returned to its most important aspect, the characters, and it disappoints me to see that you did not understand that. Just know that many viewers were happy with The End and would not have wanted it any different.

      • Matt says:

        I have to say, after 6 years..Wow. I enjoyed every minute of it, even when it was getting drug out in the middle. What story doesn’t. It was unique and on the finale, it was the most heart-wrenching part of Lost ever. I have to say and Agree with Ryan. It is shallow of anyone to degrade Lost because of the finale, I enjoyed it, it gave me closure enough. Sure, we didn’t get a full blown Q&A, but if they did that, what point would a finale be? We would really be sitting back saying, “That Sucked!” Well in fact, The Writers did realize that we would not be satisfied and that’s why they closed it the way they did. But hey! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but for those of us, who used to look forward to Lost Every Tuesday, and Wednesday nights for Lost all week… Let us remember our show as it was meant to remember. And well, lets hope you don’t get LOST when it’s your time, because then you’ll wish you’d thought different about the show. Well, to all my fellow LOST Friends! Lets celebrate a good 6 Seasons of the most intriguing Television show in history. BonVoyage!

      • Claire says:

        I agree with you guys. I can’t believe that people judge Lost on the basis of its final episode. Some say that the ones who like the end have wasted 120 hours of our life because we have settle for a mediocre ending, but actually they have wasted their time because they have been seen a show just to arrive to the end that disappointed them. As for me, I have enjoyed every single minute of the show. The ending is not everything, the aim was already attained when millions of people were speculating about Lost and the theories supporting it. Not any show gets that, it’s the way how you tell a story that makes it interesting and that is what we have to praise. And it’s almost impossible to tell a story the way these writers have. I don’t think that any other show is doing what Lost did any time soon

    7. lostrekkie says:

      I loved it. I thought it was a great show. As for the people arguing that they didn’t have a plan, here is what the WRITERS themselves stated. Theys aid that, yes, during the first season, they were more focused on writing the show and establishing the characters and mysteries than actually planning an ending. Then, after the first season and before the second, they actually sat down and figured most of the mythology out. They actually story may not have been completely planned, but the mythology was. They probubly had story milestones that they wanted to hit (like the time travel, the freighter, the purgatory ending), but most of it was planned as it went along.

      I thought the ending was great. A lot of people are complaining that they didn’t get answers. And in the end, I don’t think it would have been smart of the writers to give all the answers. They gave the answers that were necessary and important (or at least, most of them), but left some of them open to interpritation. If they had answered it, what point was there in all our theorizing and discussions. Now, we still can go back and watch the show and enjoy it on two levels. One, with all the knowledge that we have now that the show it done and watch the show in a new context and Two, still have the ablity to theorize and make our own conclusions about what was going on. They made what they island was (the light) vauge enough so that people could put thier own meaning to it, and concrete enough to make sense in the story.

      In the end, it was a happy ending. It was the ending that all the characters deserved. They had had lived togeather, but they certainly didn’t die alone.

    8. Bruce says:

      SIX YEARS!!!!!!!! Six years of open ended questions and behaviors and characters, and they tell us they were dead all along!!!!!! Not only does that not gel with what happened throughout the six years, but it also doesn’t make any sense. There were people in the church who were never on 815. I whole heartedly agree with Al Winston and Jayk. This was more dissapointing than the Sopranos. Many many questions are still left unanswered. A good number of the characters are not addressed. It does seem as if the writers winged this whole thing, could not figure out how to end this and put it all off on some “they were always dead” junk. What the hell do the numbers mean?!?!?!?!?!?!? What did all the Egyptian symbolism mean?!?!?!?!?!?!? What was the statue, and Dogon and his people, and the smoke monster all about?!?!?!?!?!? What about Alpert? If the Oceanic survivors created a place where they could come together where the hell does Richard fit into that?!?!?!?!?!? And Penny for that matter?!?!? What about Walt and his ability to see things?!?!?!?!?!? And who the hell is Mother?!?!?!? She is the first person we no of on the island. Is she supposedly dead too?!?!?!?!?!? And if everyone is dead what is there to protect?!?!?!? Did a woman come to the island and have babies?!?!?!? And what about that not being able to have babies on the island stuff?!?!?!?!?!? What a cluster @#$#%$%!!!!!!!! I am so pissed because I tell people who don’t watch LOST to watch it and then the writers sell me out like this. I ended up having an argument with my girl cuz she who doesn’t watch LOST couldnt understand why I was so upset at the end. I tried to tell her there are still many unanswered questions but because she doesn’t watch the show she could understand why they wrapped it up the way they did. This was very very very dissapointing and will make me think twice about investing time into new fall shows. Let’s hope 24 does a better job, or maybe FlashForward or Law and Order will do better.

      • dashinator says:

        I’m surprised you were able to watch the show for 6 years if you were not able to comprehend the very clear messages that were given in the finale. THEY WERE NOT ALWAYS DEAD. They were only dead in the last season flash sideways world. They even went through the trouble to have Christian Shepard say this EXPLICITLY, and dropped several other hints like the exchange between Ben and Hurley in front of the church. It would be impossible to answer every question, and if they did it would have been a horrible ending. As for the babies being born, that was answered a long time ago.

      • Natalie says:

        They never said they were dead all along. Did you not listen to any of the episode, he clearly says a few times “What happened on the island, HAPPENED”, its even been said in other episodes. The side ways flash was a reality (if you want to call it something) they created to find each other once they’d all died. It wasn’t a time nor place, so some of them may have lived to be 90 years old, the others died whilst we watched the show, ie: Jin, Sun, Charlie, Sayid, Jack etc.. But they all eventually found each other, we’re not aware of how many years into the future this is. We’re clearly told it’s not a time or place. They created the place to find each other again and then leave, as in – be at peace, go to heaven etc.. it’s open to discussion.
        And also, there were people in there who weren’t on 815 – But were on the island. That is the point, it’s all about the relationships and loves that were made ON THE ISLAND. The plane crash was simply something that got some of them there. Ben was never on the plane but chooses not to go into the church in the end because he still had some things to do. If you noticed, during the last episode, he never went to see Alex, she and he never rememebered. Nor did Danielle, the french woman. So maybe he’s gone back to sort out his issues with them first before he can move on.
        I’m trying to read all your questions from above and answer them but the more I read the more I realise you’ve just not got the point of the show at all.
        Maybe start from season one again now you know the ending or do your research on lostpedia. Just a thought..

      • Stuart says:

        Awww…what’s the matter? Did you want the producers to sit you down with your crayons and draw out exactly what happened to save that piercing intellect of yours? Did your curiosity get a boo-boo? Is all the mystery too much for you to handle? Let’s think about this.
        Okay, so you, like many others has seen the ENTIRE Lost series, so that means you, like many others, must have been watching it for some reason. I mean, nobody paid you to watch, did they? Nobody forced you to watch, did they? So there must have been something, and I would venture to guess that it was the mystery. What is this island all about and why are there polar bears on it? Who the heck is Ben and the others? Who is Jacob? What is this smoke monster all about? What is the Dharma Initiative? These questions kept us going because we are curious. So I would find it ironic that the reason you didn’t like the finale is the SAME REASON why you watched the entire Lost series in the first place. Sure they didn’t come right out and explain things as plain as could be, but while I find that inescapably thought provoking and wildly imaginative, you find it annoying and call it poor writing. Why is that? What’s the difference between us? We did watch the same show, right?
        This might be alarming to you, but Todd VanDerWerff for the New York Times wrote a wonderful article on the series finale which illuminated some questions and thoughtfully summed up why the end was how it was.

        What is alarming to you, but brilliantly thoughtful on his part is that the series finale and the series itself is like a Rorschach for each of us. We all see the Lost series, especially the finale, in different ways, which makes our conversations rich with speculation and steeped in philosophy as we try to unravel the mysteries of the Lost series.
        So unfortunately, you and everyone else who doesn’t enjoy a keen imagination and a pensive disposition won’t find the finale, and the series for that matter, as enjoyable as those that do.

      • Tom says:

        They weren’t dead all along!!!!!! Weren’t you listening at the end??? I’m amazed at the amount of people who aren’t happy with the ending are the ones who wrongly assume they wee dead all along!
        The flash sideways timeline was a place where they all had to let go before they ‘moved on’, but it was timeless and indepedant to what was going on on the Island.
        Cristian confirmed this when he said that everyone dies, some long after Jack and some before. So Kate, Sawyer Miles etc all left the Island and presumably lived long lives, but when they died they went back to the most important people and time of their lives – their time on the Island. Hence why Kate said she had missed Jack for so long.
        I agree some of the questions weren’t answered, but a lot of that was the ‘mystery’ of the island and why it is debated so much. A long list of logical and scienfic answers would not have worked. It was the charactrs needed an ending. The mysteries of the island did not.

      • chris says:

        Bruce…you dumb 😉

    9. who knocked the locks off of Pandora's Box? says:

      The Black Smoke Monster got off the island while we weren’t paying attention and now…


    10. Heather says:

      I thought the finale was fantastic. It couldn’t have ended better. I actually can’t picture it ending any other way. Life isn’t always wrapped up all neatly with a pretty little bow and I think this show definitely depicted that. Yes, there were questions still left unanswered but I think that was the point. We don’t always get the answers to everything in life. I think the writers knew exactly where they wanted to go with this. They said during season 2 they went to ABC and said they were going to go off the air in 4 years no matter how popular the show was. They had a story to tell and they told it. Matthew Fox has also said that when he received the script for Jack Shepard he was told that the series would end with Jack closing his eyes symbolizing his death. I thought the series overall made a profound spiritual statement and I am so glad I spent my time watching this fantastic and phenomenal series. I will definitely miss it.

    11. Patrick says:

      i really enjoyed last nights series finale. I feel that if they explained everything, it would take away the fun of making up our own theories. And if they did move on to heaven, who cares? Is there really a way to end a series and make all characters move on to heaven in a way that actually looks not corney? Once you think of a show that will captivate millions of people for six years, then you can say that the finale was bad.

    12. J says:

      I know my thoughts on this review….SHIT!

    13. john from brooklyn says:

      I love lost ..but that end didnt tell us anything…there dead …thats how you explain everything…what a cop out……i wanted them to explain everything..and them being dead waiting to get into heaven ..hello i thought of that 2 years ago..i wanted to be blown away and i wasnt

    14. Shea says:

      I disagree. I thought the finale was beautiful. Of course immediately afterwards I was pretty angry that nothing had been explained. I think I kind of expected that though; going into the finale, I had the feeling that we wouldn’t be explained much. Lost is a show about the characters, and the finale was about the characters, and I’m satisfied with that.

    15. Confused says:

      So I faithfully watched Lost since the pilot, loving (almost) every minute of it. But this finale left me completely puzzled and confused. What the heck is going on? Your description helped a little, but there are so many holes and questions left unanswered. I feel like they just gave up. Apparently, they’re supposed to be giving us more answers, but “not right away.” I am not going to care in a year or two. I want answers now. This was a very disappointing ending to a series a dearly loved. Lost, you lost me.

    16. Confused says:

      So I faithfully watched Lost since the pilot, loving (almost) every minute of it. But this finale left me completely puzzled and confused. What the heck is going on? Your description helped a little, but there are so many holes and questions left unanswered. I feel like they just gave up. Apparently, they’re supposed to be giving us more answers, but “not right away.” I am not going to care in a year or two. I want answers now. This was a very disappointing ending to a series I dearly loved. Lost, you lost me.

    17. Sherwinator says:

      series finale of Lost, entitled The End, was an awful, half-ass attempt by Mr. Lindelof and Cuse to provide an exhilarating, action-packed, and most of all, “deep,” ending to one of television’s best shows of all time. The Lost finale was encumbered by an obscene amount of commercials, disappointing reveals, and an overall lack of balls. Lindelof, Cuse, and ABC tried to play it safe, and in doing so, basically ruined what was otherwise a near perfect television series in Lost.

    18. nonigirl says:

      I dont agree. I LOVED the last episode. Understandably, it did not answer ALL the questions, but it sure gave a good insight for those who were paying attention.
      For those who still didn’t really “get it” here is a brief interpretation as I saw it:
      The “sideways flashes” were the afterlife that took place once the atom bomb went off, which changed the coarse of their fates. (Hence Juliet’s comment “It worked”.) Life on the island absolutely DID exist, and the time they spent there was the most important thing any of them did in their entire lives, as stated by Christian, Jack’s dad. While on the island, each character rose to the occasion in their own way, as you recall, before the crash each of their lives was, in some way, a failure. In the last season while on the island, each had to individually put in place all the events that would somehow shape the future, not only of the island, but of their lives. Jack made a total transformation from “a man of science” (who played a typical doctor who doesn’t believe in anything that cant be “proven” to his satisfaction, thereby missing important aternatives) to a man of faith, and took on the job of the keeper of the light in order to bring about the final events. All the people who got on the plane with Lapidus (the pilot) died, because that plane crashed, and that is how they met their fate, likely about the same time as Jack, as he saw the plane flying overhead just before he closed his eyes and died. Interesting because the first episode, if you remember, began with Jack opening his eyes. All the people at the church were dead, and that was their reunion, and possibly their sendoff to Heaven. While they were in their “sideways life” they were searching for each other, but didnt remember the events that brought them together, and needed a catalyst, which was Desmond. Some of the remaining questions are still unanswered, but such in life, lots of unanswered questions. Explaining the polar bears is hardly important. Just consider that this was a special island with many secrets and mysteries. The polar bear, along with the wheel that “moved” the island, are part of its mysterious nature. The mystery kept us all guessing and the guessing kept us glued each week to our TV’s. I dont think another show with that much genius will be around for a very long time. Other than Lost, I’ve LOST my faith in hollywood to regularly create shows of this magnitude. I sure hope the writers of Lost have not retired with the show, and another one is store for us.
      It was awesome!

      • dashinator says:

        What are you basing your assumption that the plane crashed and Lapidus, Sawyer, Kate, Miles and Alpert died on? I saw it completely different. It seemed to me the point was that they lived their lives off of the island, just as Ben and Hurley did, that is why Jack was smiling as he died. Thats why Kate told him in sideways world that “she had missed him so much”, as well as Christian Shepard’s comment that some had died before him, and some much later(there is no time here).

    19. delfin says:

      i thought the ending was ok, im more upset that its over.
      i was however dissapointed that they were dead

    20. vol2112 says:

      The polar bear was explained so dont go saying that it was never answered. the only things I wish they would have explained is why the island was ever created and what the hell happened to Miles, Lapidus, Daniel and Charlette. What I thought was really nice is Richard finally got to age.

      • Chris says:

        Yes, the Polar Bears were answered long ago…why is everyone so upset about this?? They were clearly used by Dharma to see what happened when someone turned the wheel. That is why Charlotte found a Polar Bear skeleton in the Tunisian desert before she went to the island, the same place Locke wound up when he turned the wheel!

    21. D. Hilton says:

      I was just puzzled with the whole thing. Granted, some good moments, but like the Winston says, it seemed apparent that these writers were flying by the seat of their pants and just bailed in the end. Too bad. I think we were suckered on this one, gang, but I see the vote is about 2 to 1 for the ending, which just shows that a lot of folks don’t care about resolution. A reflection of our society, maybe?

    22. blah says:

      you guys are nuts. and obviously didn’t understand the last episode. maybe you’re the ones that should have paid more attention. The End was great. writers did an awesome job. And no not everyone on the island had been dead since the crash..wow…jack saved the island when he “fixed the light”. we know this because as he’s laying in the bamboo field he looks up and sees the plane fly by and he’s smiling knowing that he saved the world. That’s when Jack died. there in the bamboo field. Jacks’ dad at the end of the episode said himself “some have died before you and some have died after” also he says “the time you spent with these people was the most important time of your LIFE..” NOT AFTER LIFE. The only time these characters were dead was in what we all thought previously was the “alternate reality”. they were never dead on the island and everything that happened on that island they were alive for…i suggest you rewatch the series..or at least this last season because you are very very confused 🙂

    23. Andrew - Dearborn MI says:

      A terrible ending to an otherwise good series. This finale left me thinking that the authors never really had control of the plot from the beginning. This so-called “ending” failed to answer most peoples questions about the plot of the show. OK, so the flash-sideways was purgatory, got that part – and the island was real. At least 1/3 of fans can devine that from the inarticulate untethered plot. What IS the light that they were trying to protect? What was the significance of drinking from the immortals water or wine? Did Hurley even become immortal since Jack was no longer immortal when he gave him the water? What was immunity from electromagnetism to do with the glowing cave? Where did Richard Alpert go? Where did the people on the plane go when they left the island? How did Jacob get off the island to influence their lives when the black smoke dude can’t? Why did Hurley and Miles have abilities the others did not? What caused the island to move when the wheel was turned? Why were Ben and John teleported off the island when they turned the wheel?

    24. Robert says:

      Al Winston has it right. There was no long term plot. So good guys became bad guys and the reciprocal, just to get a show out each week. I personally gave up on it 2 seasons ago when it appeared that writers had no clue how to continue the show with some semblance of cohesiveness. At the end like all poorly written Sci-Fi it just comes to an abrupt end, all were really dead and move on to the cliche white light.

    25. 4 8 15 16 23 42 says:

      OMG i was up till 4:30 thinking about this ending to a show that i watched on DVD for the first 5 seasons and caught up on Hulu.com until the last 5-10 episodes. I am a fan on how they ended it but it does leave a lot of “what happens next” questions. However leaving with a lot of questions can be good because it gives a lot to talk about and make our own stories. — Mark A. Arlington VA (Final Transmission)

    26. Drew says:

      Wow. You are obviously a casual fan. It’s obvious by your statement about the polar bears. This ending was pretty good. It still leaves you thinking about the show long after. I bet you can’t come up with something better (i.e., everyone says, “YEAH THAT’S AWESOME”).

    27. Paul says:

      The only Lost episode I ever watched was the last one. From that, I know that Lost was the greatest show ever produced, and that the ending was the greatest episode of any show ever. Thank you for a great series, I plan to now play catch up and watch the last 6 seasons so that I can fully appreciate this artistic masterpiece.

      • Claire says:

        What a nice message…. there are a lot of people stating that they feel like they’ve wasted their time… but I agree with you… Lost is a masterpiece of which one can appreciate every second…

    28. Carrie says:

      Actually it didn’t end this way. It’s all over the internet that some viewers misunderstood that all of the events HAPPENED as they HAPPENED and that the flash sideways is when they all eventually died they all wanted to cross over into whatever unknown together because of their time on the island together and it’s emotional impact on their lives. Kate lived on, Sawyer lived on, etc, until their deaths…Jack died on the island in the end, but Hurley and Ben were on the island for an indescriminate amount of time before they, too, died and everyone waited until all of them were present in their state of limbo where they all congreated in their limbo together.

      Check out the wikipedia summary of the episode:

      Miles finds a now aging Richard and they set to destroy the Ajira plane. Along the way they rescue Lapidus from the wreckage of the submarine. Jack confronts the Man in Black stating his intent to kill him, and together with Desmond they travel past the bamboo thicket where Jack originally awoke on the Island to the place that Jacob called the heart of the island. Rappelling down a small underground stream Desmond finds a strange room in the middle of which is a fountain from where a bright light emanates. With much struggle and thanks to his special resistance to electromagnetism Desmond is able to disable the light, which to his anguish functions as the Man in Black predicted and sets about the destruction of the Island with the unforeseen side-effect of making both Jack and the Man in Black mortal again. After a prolonged and vicious struggle Jack is able to kill the Man in Black with the aid of Kate but is mortally wounded in the process. Jack’s party returns to him and splits for the final time, Kate and Sawyer travelling to the site of the Ajira Airlines plane where Lapidus, Richard and Miles have been quickly trying to make it air-worthy. Hurley stays with Jack, and Ben maintains that if the Island is to be destroyed then he wishes to go down with it. Lapidus, Richard, Sawyer, Kate, Miles and finally Claire manage to escape the island on the plane. Jack leads Hurley and Ben back to the spring at the heart of the Island, where an emotional Hurley takes over for Jack as the protector of the Island shortly before Jack goes on a suicide mission to restore the light and save the Island. Jack manages to rescue a barely conscious Desmond from death but cannot save himself. As he restores light to the Island the tremors that have been destroying it cease and the light shines out all the brighter from the fountainhead, Jack is overcome and loses consciousness as the light surrounds him. Hurley, in his role as the new protector of the island, decides to help Desmond get home and asks Linus for his help after Linus suggests that Hurley change how things are run so people can come and go from the island now instead of being stuck there. Jack reawakens outside in the same place where the Man in Black awoke after Jacob destroyed his body. Though Jack is able to stand and stumble through the bamboo thicket he is close to death and collapses into the spot where he first awoke on the Island. As Jack’s vision dims Walt’s dog Vincent approaches him as he watches happily as his friends escape from the island in the plane overhead. The scene then ends with a close up of his eye as it slowly closes, mirroring the first shot of the series of Jack’s eye opening.

      Desmond continues to gather the Islanders who begin to recollect their time on the Island. Each member begins to recognize one another based upon close contact with a person or object that was important to them throughout their time on the Island. Eventually most of them congregate inside a church, with Ben being the sole member who elects to stay outside. Kate instructs Jack to enter through the church back, where he encounters his father’s coffin. The coffin acts as the anchor for Jack’s memories after earlier contact with Locke and Kate met with resistance on his part to believe what he was seeing. He then opens the coffin and discovers it to be empty. Christian Shephard then appears behind Jack, who asks his father how he (Christian) can be here after he died. His father replies by stating that he (Christian) is of course dead and asks Jack how he thinks he (Jack) could be here. Jack realizes that he must have died, and is emotionally embraced by his father, who reassures him that the people he has met and the events leading up until now not only happened, but that “The time you spent with these people was the most important period of your life.” The 2004 flash-sideways timeline is revealed to have been a place created by the survivors so they could find one another, independent of the time at which they died, and move on to “the next phase” together, as in that place time had no meaning. Jack and Christian go out into the church to meet the others. After an emotional reunion among the former Islanders, Christian leaves through the front doors of the church, which upon opening release a bright light that eventually bathes those inside.”

      So, yeah…if it had ended that they were all actually dead, that would be a cop-out…but that’s not what happened.

      /takeover of review…sorry!

    29. Beth says:

      I thought the polar bears were explained by the abandoned zoo cages at one of the research centers – Weren’t they were brought there for zoological research by a science team?(can’t remember if it was connected to Dharma…)

    30. Noa says:

      I just don’t understand why you all think this is the BEST SHOW EVER and NOTHING COMES CLOSE, etc.

      Have you seen Fringe? FREAKING AWESOME!

    31. Rex B says:

      Lost – The Movie: Bobby Ewing wakes up

    32. Doug says:

      I fitting end to a show thats lacked direction for the last 3-4 years.

    33. M says:

      Jack died alone. In the end faith meant nothing, the son he might have wanted never existed and neither did the hero he wanted to be or the people he was supposed to be heroic for. In the end, the most broken human of all of them died alone, with regret, as much for all the imagined reality that helped comfort him in the end really never existed at all. In the end, it’s just a man dying alone trying to conjure up some meaning for it all but there isn’t any reason or meaning behind it, no great light or true faith that needs to be protected or will protect him. It’s terrifying and realistic actually and tragic in it’s true portrayal of our ultimately meaningless existence. But let it be a lesson that it’s the memory or knowledge of the people you’ve shared your life with and the people that you’ve helped that will be the only comfort at the very end. In life and death that’s all the proof we have that our existence meant anything at all. I don’t think that’s where they were going with this to start with. But at the end it seems it was all just riding the last wave of anguish in a dying man’s psyche. That’s all he had. Pretty much like the rest of us-everyone is going to ultimately die alone and all he had left is what he did or didn’t do for others, with or without regret; likely both. But bottom line, he’s alone and he’s going to die alone. That’s kinda what I got from it much to the vehement disagreement and criticism from my fellow company. I cried. In anguish. I didn’t see it as a happy ending. More of a truthful and tragic inevitable ending.

    34. Lenny says:

      I was pleased with then ending, most important things are answered, listen to what Jacks father says in the last five minutes, the yearly span could of been 50 years for all off then to die, Hurley lived on for many years after Jack died and Ben remained as he had not found himself yet, people who left on the plane might of lived on for another 20 years that does not matter, the fact was in my eyes the story was about Jacks life and the other characters fitted into his life, it started with his eye opening and it ended with it closing, the other main thing the writers wanted was this, all off us talking about it as I am sure we will debate it for years to come.

    35. Knopfler says:

      Smokie got off the island. All he wanted to do was move on. And he did it through Locke. That’s why he said to jack ‘it’s too late’, after Kate shot him, because his soul had gone to lockes in the limbo.

    36. dvb says:

      wow what a series what a ending but its kept us thinking from season 1 and its carried on up until the end, i didnt see this coming but its slowly sinking in. lost im going to miss ya the end hasnt ruined it for me its still left questions unanswered but the fact is there were so many questions we’d be in the afterlife before all of them were answered
      1 last thing ive just seen the top 10 lost scenes and the the season 1 finale where walt was kidnapped should have been in their cos thats what got me hooked and wanting more

    37. Chris says:

      I disagree Knopfler…

      “Smokie got off the island. All he wanted to do was move on. And he did it through Locke. That’s why he said to jack ‘it’s too late’, after Kate shot him, because his soul had gone to lockes in the limbo.”

      I think Locke/MiB simply meant it was too late to stop the destruction of the Island. Locke in the closing scene, was definitely John Locke, not the Man in Black.

    38. Tavyland says:

      I was a little confused when I watched the “The End” the first time through but after watching it the second time, it made much more sense. It was actually very brilliant and beautifully done, considering all the loose ends that needed to be tied up. It focused on the characters and their unique individual struggles, not only exclusive to the island, but in their real-world lives as well. The island was a tool to help them work through whatever they needed to in this world, and in the end what remained to work through they helped each other in the “in between” place. More importantly than tying up the technical loose ends regarding the island, the individuals themselves were able to tie up their own loose ends and be at peace with themselves and their loved ones. That to me was the most important message of the series. It was an incredibly moving TV finale episode which concluded with much respect and grace for the characters and audience.

    39. somebody says:

      What’s with everyone talking about unanswered questions? Almost every question throughout the series was entirely resolved in the finale.

      For one, clearly, the ‘heart of the island’ with the cork in the middle is is a massive, strong, central pocket of electromagnetism that allows the universe to exist. That answer was so heavily implied over and over again and built up to a point of obviousness that it would have been ridiculous for anyone to directly say it. This EM energy is also connected to negatively charged dark matter. For those of you who understand basic physics, it’s not that hard to put two and two together. That cork and the light surrounding it was the source of energy that powers the entire universe.

      When Jacob through his brother into the light, the latter’s physical body died, so it’s clear that his consciousness embodied part of this energy, so it’s not that unrealistic to assume that if he (it) were to leave the island, something catastrophic would happen to mankind.

      And yeah, the H bomb probably did have some kind of effect of the creation of the purgatory reality. Nuking an energy source of that nature causes particle acceleration, something that can separate our consciousness and perception. Yeah, sure, exactly how this happened remains unknown, but how do you expect them to answer that one.

      As for as I’m concerned, there’s only three real questions left unanswered, and only one of them really matters – Where did the island come from? Clearly the presence of Egyptian and Sumerian hyroglyphs, as well as the fact that Jacob’s adoptive mother had to come from somewhere, show that the island is as old as life itself. To explain it’s exact origin in detail would take another two hours of broadcasting, but it doesn’t matter case we basically know what the island is.

      So that leaves two silly unanswered questions. We know that you can’t leave the island without a specific bearing, so how the hell did the plain get away? Two possible answers are that either they flew so high they managed to get above the magnetic barrier, or that Richard was on the plain, and as an old school islander who has always been able to come and go as he pleases probably knew the bearing.

      Lastly, did Hurley REALLY become the knew protector? When Jacob and Jack got their jobs, they drank that specific water from the that stream, after receiving some kind of ambiguous ritual from their predecessors. Jack just gave Hurley some mud from the pond. So who knows? Who cares? As far as I’m concerned, all the real mysteries have been fully resolved to my satisfaction.

      • Some dude says:

        ok, if I would have known that 5 years ago I would need a PhD in theoretical physics to come up with a suposed hypothisis of what the writers are trying to convey, then I would have stoped veiwing. It’s intertainment and sci/fi and the questions should have been ansewred.

        As for the number of questions left unanswered; I’m not sure if you were paying attention (obviously not) but there are way more than 3 questions that remain. Here are just a tiny little list for starters:

        -Why do bad things happen to the people involved with the Numbers(Valenzetti equation)?
        -How did Walt get special powers?
        -Why does Jacob’s cabin appear to Hurley, and seem to shift around?
        -Why was it so urgent that Aaron be baptized? What did Charlie’s dreams mean and was Aaron really “speacial”?
        -Since Christian’s coffin is empty, where is his body?(season one)
        – How can Desmond survive the great blasts of electromagnetism?
        -why is it so hard to find the island and why does it move?
        -Why did the DHARMA Initiative incorporate Egyptian Hieroglyphs into the Countdown timer?

        think these are a lot of questions? This does not even scratch the surface. And for your last question, the answer is GIVEN to you in the last scene of the series where Ben compliments Harley on being a great number 1 (that of course being none other than the leader of the island). Get your facts next time. FAIL.

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