Lost Series Finale Theories

Lost Series Finale Theories – As expected, the Lost Finale has left many confused. Some are upset with the outcome (namely the lack of answers to burning questions the writers have created over the course of the last few years), and some have said that they are satisfied with the way that the popular series ended. Throughout the entirety of season six, the characters are shown in two different timelines. One on the island, where they were returned to “present island time,” and one where they never crashed and instead went on to live their lives after landing in Los Angeles. These two timelines were presumably created after Juliet was successful in setting off the hydrogen bomb at the end of the fifth season, splitting the universe into two timeslines, the original timeline, and the alternate timeline.

The huge revelation at the end of the finale, is that the alternate timeline was not an alternate timeline at all, but instead was an afterlife of sorts, where the characters would meet up before passing into their true afterlife. When Jack comes to realize that he is dead in the alternate timeline (when he meets his dead father walking around), the memories of his life flood over him. His father explains that the characters had built this alternate timeline, so that they could find each other before moving on to their afterlife.

The thing to remember here, is that the show was not about the island at all, but about the characters. The island doesn’t need to be explained, it’s just a magical island. The characters were brought there to replace Jacob, who had been protecting the island for many years. Why was he protecting the island? Because the island was a source of great power (the light that we were introduced to in the 6th season), and that power could be used for good, or for evil (Smokey.)

The events on the island over the course of the show were real. They did not die in the original plane crash. Jack died at the end of the finale. Some characters died over the course of their time on the island. Ben and Hurley presumably lived to rule the island, and protect it from outside visitors who wanted to use the island’s power for evil. Kate, Lapidus, Miles and the others on the plane may have lived, or may have crashed before making it back to civilization, that is up for interpretation.

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    1. fletch says:

      “The thing to remember here, is that the show was not about the island at all, but about the characters. The island doesn’t need to be explained, it’s just a magical island.”

      Lots of people are not going to agree with this “explanation” as it seems like nothing more than an excuse for the writers not planing a proper ending.

      • Lee Probert says:

        I think it was utter laziness by the writers. I could have lived with the main characters having their lives manifest into the alternate universe as the island was destroyed but the whole ‘afterlife’ thing just left loads of loose ends.

    2. lost watcher says:

      Any intelligent person (that eliminates most of the television viewing audience) could figure out with simplicity during the course of the last few seasons that the writers had absolutely no idea where they were going with anything, and that ultimately leaves us with this ending.

    3. Jules says:

      But surely the fact that it ends in the exact same way it started, with Jack lying in the bamboo, should stipulate that it was all a fantasy as he lay dying after the plane crash. They(all those in the church in the other timeline) were all in the crash and were living the fantasy to get their own resolution before moving on. So, does the island ever exist at all? And therefore ben wasnt in the church as he was just a creation to help further peoples resolutions, Did he exist? I think not.

    4. Adam says:

      I agree to a certain extent that no explanation could be satisfactory and that a lot of the questions-unaswerable. But that makes up about 8% of my frustration with the ending. The other 92% stems from a poor and mediocre ending for the series and for Jack. He was my favorite character and I had grown to feel something for all the characters (who wouldn’t after watching them for 6 years). That’s how he dies? Why didn’t the writers keep the whole flash sideways story, but make it to where as each character died their memories transferred over into their other selves-thusly ending with them all finding one another and catching up. I know that doesn’t make much logical sense but its not like it’d be anything different from what they’ve been doing. I’m just way too upset that that was what they came up with.

    5. Niall says:

      I am of the opinion that the writers just made this up as they went.I’ve never watched a show where after every single episode you’re left sitting there saying WTF?

      As a whole it kind of makes sense. but most of it doesn’t.It was a show designed to keep everyone thinking “i cant wait to find out what happened there” but without ever really delivering.

      My question is do the writers know what it was all about?
      They should bring out a book called “lost explained”, except instead of giving vague interpretations of what they think its all about, they should actually go through every single little thing and actually explain it. Thats what every other tv show does.Explains why things happened.Otherwise it leaves everyone pissed off.

      Also, did anyone else throughout the whole series no think every character always asked the most vague of questions when they were looking for answers.and then when givin a bullsh*t answer they seemed to accept it no questions asked.

      Example: Jack i need you to come somewhere with me.

      : Why would i go anywhere with you Locke?

      :Because i need you to Jack.

      and off he went to the f*ckin woods or something without really knowing why.

      I hate this stupid bullsh*t show, its a piece of crap.
      Sh*t Story, Sh*t ending, (I liked the certain characters though) and a bunch of stoned writers just making the weirdest crap up as they went along.


    6. helas says:

      I loved Lost but it left too many dangling threads in the end, too many missed opportunities.
      1 – Why didn’t Claire ever get Charlie’s DS ring from Sun? Missed opportunity.
      2 – Claire’s ‘sickness’ was resolved way too easily. What was its point in the resolution of it all? Missed opportunity.
      3 – If the Flash Sideways was just a ‘purgatory’, what stakes were there for anyone? No stakes = no drama, no investment by audience. Do not understand the amount of time spent on this.
      Not to mention the Cabin (what did the ash around it do – if it kept someone in, or out, and then it is shown to have been ‘disturbed’, isn’t it very obviously IMPORTANT to show, or at least hint, who/what disturbed the ash?), Richard Alpert’s role/amount of knowledge concerning Jacob/MIB, Walt, Aaron, Ghost Boy Jacob…

      I am very frustrated BECAUSE I loved Lost and invested so much time in it. I really, really wish I could ask the writers or Darlton these questions and get an honest answer.

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