Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants: Report

Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants: Report – The former prominent CNN talk show host Lou Dobbs is claiming that he never hired illegal immigrants. A story that was released in the Nation magazine alleged that he has relied on undocumented labor for years, and that a good portion of the people that he employs are illegal immigrants. These workers were hired for the upkeep up his multimillion dollar estates and horses that he owns.

The story also suggests that Dobbs has received letters about numerous social security issues with his workers that he has continually ignored. Dobbs denied the allegations, claiming they were part of an election season smear campaign, likely by a group that did not like some of the things that he has had to say.

Dobbs has spoken on the issue on several occasions now, and has been able to remain calm throughout the process. He carefully explained how he goes about hiring employees and said that if he came across an illegal immigrant during his background checks, he would not employ them. Dobbs said that he would like to have a conversation with the editor of the magazine to discuss the “outrageous claims” that have been made against him.

It will be interesting to see if the magazine is able to bring any further evidence to the table. So far, their story sounds like hearsay and they really have no proof behind their claims. Dobbs has been straightforward in addressing the situation, to his credit. Now it is time for National magazine to do their part in the controversy.

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    1. Linda Lueck says:

      Lou Dobbs, I saw you on Democrat MSNBC tonight being harassed by an Latina with the usual Irish surname. Happens a lot so they don’t get noticed, I figure, but maybe they really did mary an Irishman. Seems funny there are so many latinas married to Irishmen.

      The only ones who care if you hire an illegal, are Mexicans and their illegals, (and Democrats who didn’t ) so they can use this as another name calling tactic, and to hopefully make a case for being here.

      All this noise about “a path to citizenship” is the silliest plot thrown out there. They want to send around 20,000,000 illegals home, then bring them all back again after 10 years? What? Can we be any more talked down too? MEXICAN VOTE, IS MORE VALUABLE THAN AMERICANS, because there are so many and more coming of voting age every day. We need to do like the Jews in Israel and wait for the third generation before they can vote to show their allegiance……thats after we deport by the millions,,,,,,not just Obamas fake show where, he deports a few and lets them return.

      Enough Mexicans are College educated that they can go home and set up a government. We don’t need them here taking up our college funds, etc.

      I could go on and on. I loved you on CNN please go to FOX, where most viewers are. Please opt for mass deportation…I live on the border, they will self deport, some even have their own coyotes. Please don’t back down and be afraid to call them Illegals. Stick with Americans….not democratic illegals and the biased MSNBC.

      Thank you,

      Linda Lueck
      Anderson Island, WA

    2. Linda Lueck says:

      P.S. I live in San Diego and Wa depending on the situation.

    3. Chaz Bower says:

      The people interviewing you had trouble understanding the truth.I respect your patience.It’s so nice seeing a gentleman trying to explain logic to “Air Heads”.”Beam me up Scottie”,I’ve had enough for the day.

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