Mad Men Uncertain Future

Recently Mathew Weiner who is the creator of the popular show “Mad Men” has spoken about the status of the show which is currently in a state of limbo.

He said that he isn’t looking for a new job and that he was very excited to get back to work but as of right now there just wasn’t much that needed to be done.

There are many ‘Man Men’ fans that can’t wait for the show to make its return, as it has been indefinitely put on hold for a while now.

Weiner said that he has every intention of getting involved with the show once again after AMC is able to sort out everything with Lionsgate which has been holding up the show for quite some time now.

He stated that he wanted nothing more than to keep the show running as long as possible because he loves doing it can’t wait to start it up again.

Weiner admitted that he did know what the network’s plans were as of right now and he was just waiting on their word as to when he can get back to work.

The creator of the show said that he would consider it to be a real shame if fans were to miss out on everything they have in store for the next season of episodes.

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