Marilu Henner Superior Memory

A recent phenomenon has been discovered in the scientific world, and it seems that it’s not limited to the “common people” either.

Actress Marilou Henner was recently included in a documentary that was shown on “60 Minutes” about people with a remarkable memory—they are able to recall the smallest detail on any random day throughout their lives.

The actress, who was a former star in “Taxi” and “Evening Shade”, is one of only a small number of people who have this ability, called “superior autobiographical memory”.

Although the scientific community is still unaware of how the ability works, it seems that the people who have the ability are able to remember small details, such as outfits they wore or food they ate on a date in their past that was simply named at random.

A professor of neurobiology at University of California-Irvine, Dr. James McGaugh, said that figuring out how the superior memory works could be a huge breakthrough in the field of neuroscience.

McGaugh said, “We think we know a lot and all of a sudden, these people come and display a kind of memory we’ve never seen before…”

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