Medium TV Show Cancelled

CBS has officially aired the last episode of “Medium,” the popular supernatural show that has had millions of viewers watching from day one on Friday January 21st 2011.

It had gone through a total of seven seasons and one hundred and thirty episodes. Fans were forced to say goodbye to the main characters Allison DuBois who was played by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber who played her husband on the show.

The final episode was no doubt interesting and gave fans something to talk about.

The series finale started out with Allison having a phone conversation with her husband who was coming back from Hawaii. She received another call from Joe saying that his flight was going to be delayed because of turbulence and it ended up crashing into the ocean.

Seven years later the show lets us know that her husband did in fact die and that she is now a high-powered attorney trying one of the biggest cases of her career involving a drug cartel who murdered the district attorney on the stand.

There is no doubt that the episode was filled with everything that fans have come to expect, including drama and all the tension they can stand as she struggled through her new career.

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    1. BethM says:

      Hundreds of fans are coming out on the internet, on this and many other websites, to express their devotion to Medium and disappointment(anger) that it has ended, and ended in such a heartbreaking way. I, for one, am tired of being manipulated by networks and producers who think that they can arbitrarily cancel and tragically end programs that exhibit the highest in family values, artistic quality and intelligent scripts. Is it right to let flawed ratings companies, shallow award programs, or fickle network executives dictate what we are allowed to watch on television? Is this another attempt in the “dumbing down of America?”
      After 40+ years of television viewing, I still don’t know what keeps a TV series in production. It used to be “ratings.” But now with DVR technology that skews accurate ratings tabulations, what method is used? Is it a program’s appeal to the lowest levels of the population who may enjoy bathroom humor, indiscriminate and free-for-all sexual situations, moronic reality banter, or senseless, gratuitous violence? Movies have definitely gone that route, but at least consumers can be accurately counted at the box office.
      So, we lose Medium, one of TV’s all time best family dramas; it is deceptively destroyed by the writers and heartlessly canceled by CBS. We, who represent millions of Medium fans and viewers who want to be heard by the networks and broadcasting companies regarding this show and those in the future, we need to be heard by those with production and programming power. I ask you all, how
      can we accomplish this? Any ideas?

      • sz berr says:

        IHundreds of fans are coming out on the internet, on this and many other websites, to express their devotion to Medium and disappointment(anger) that it has ended, and ended in such a heartbreaking way. I, for one, am tired of being manipulated by networks and producers who think that they can arbitrarily cancel and tragically end programs that exhibit the highest in family values, artistic quality and intelligent scripts. Is it right to let flawed ratings companies, shallow award programs, or fickle network executives dictate what we are allowed to watch on television? Is this another attempt in the “dumbing down of America?””
        I agree with you completely….why would they cancel a show with so many devotees? Makes no sense to me!

      • Rita says:

        I agree with you totally. I looked foward to this show on friday nights. It is a wholesome, family oriented show. Perhaps if enough people protested they would bring the show back if the actors want this show to go on…Perhaps the personally do not. How do we know, how can we find out… If anyone knows the ropes please advise all of our questions… Sincerely

      • Judy says:

        I also agree. They better not replace Medium with yet another senseless reality show!!!

    2. Nikki says:

      I could not agree more with the comment above. This was one of my favorite shows. I watched it when it was on NBC and then again with CBS. They cancel Medium but The Jersey Shore is now in its second season! WOW! That is all I can say. As viewers it seems that we have no say so in which shows stay and which ones go. I am starting to think that we as the viewers don’t matter one bit!

    3. laurie says:

      Never write on these things but if CBS is listening, you screwed up cancelling Medium and Ghost Whisperer. Many people enjoyed these shows and your ratings will suffer, therefore, your commercial sponsers will pull away, if you would have asked the public, we would of said, don’t cancel.

    4. yup says:

      Thanks to people who watch ridiculous shows with no value or morals like Housewives of something, and Jersey Shore that all shows with comedy, great acting, wonderful storyline, and more has to come to an end. Soon House will be gone as well. Thanks to all the people who like to live in denial.

      • sure says:

        True, but it is with shows like that, that revealed Allison DuBois true colors. She brought shame to the cast of Medium and completley destroyed what credibility she had left. To bad such a great show was based off of an incredibly sadistic and evil human being.

        • lotusdog says:

          say wha? Sure, you are a wack job if you believe this. There is NOTHING that resembles truth in what you say.

        • BQBecky says:

          I totally agree with you. After seeing her abominable behavior on Housewives that would be enough to make me stop watching the show. Her filthy language, her inability to come through with any credible information about Lisa Todd, her comment that if any of their children ever disappeared…… the list goes on and on. She is incredibly insensitive and crass and she came off as a crank psychic rather than a person who can channel the dead. I’m glad the show is off the air. Know that!

    5. Cookie Sandler says:

      To keep this string going I also agree with all the comments above. I just watched the final episode of medium without knowing until the end that it was the final episode. I downloaded and copied it to bring with me on holiday and I am so upset. I never but never watch the reality crap that passes for entertainment in the States. We have had some wonderful shows in Canada that were also cancelled. I do not understand who you are trying to appeal to bi watched every episode of medium from day one. Shame on you for taking this show off the air.

      • Vicki says:

        I SO TOTALLY AGREE! I also had no idea it was the last show… in fact, was trying to figure out what I just saw for a week! I just couldn’t believe it! Yep, there’s only a few shows I eally looked forward to watching, that being one of them… there ya go, it just figures! FYI, a cple years ago I had seen a statistic about the movies that are put out on the ‘big’ screen: how many of the top 10 money makers were rated “R”?? answer: NONE! All the big $$ were either G or PG! But do they listen????? HA!

    6. ludernettchen says:

      Es ist vorbei – alles ist zu Ende!!!!

      We will miss you!
      Eine meiner Lieblingsserien ist tot. Ich hab mich jede Woche aufs Neue drauf gefreut. Sehr schade.


    7. Alice says:

      I agree with all the comments above. I am sad to see the show end. It was nice to see characters with family values. Isn’t it sad that we can’t find much of that family value on the TV anymore today.

      As for some of the other reality shows and low brow humor, I check out their sponsors turn off the program and don’t buy their product.

    8. Hope says:

      I loved Medium and was frustrated and saddened by the show’s cancellation….I too wonder how the networks determine who is watching what, especially with DVR’s….I record a lot of shows and watch them later, so how do they know what we are watching? I alos wondered if Alison DuBois’s behavior on the Housewives ofBeverly Hills had anything to do with Medium’s demise? I will miss the show, and hope it shows up on another channel in a few years.

    9. Linda says:

      I am very sorry to see the show go but it did have 7 great seasons and I imagine we will see it in syndicate for some years.

    10. Jim says:

      CBS is always worried about ratings, yet they cancel the best show that they had, Medium. Why? Poor judgement, misinformation on ratings, poor leadership, or just plain stupidity. The cast was superb, and probably as upset as we the past TV watchers of CBS.

    11. Barb says:

      Sucks…..Love that show, was a classy ending.

    12. Barb says:

      Loved that show, was a classy ending.

    13. Sandra Bean says:

      Medium is a family-centered show–actually centered on a normal, loving family, with normal concerns, all in a paranormal context. How sad that it was cancelled! It probably was inevitable. Why? The language was polite, the marriage was stable, the clothing was modest, the sex was monogamous, the discourse was civil. Reality TV has not only further dumbed down American television, it has provided models of childish and immature communication and behavior that only add to the childish and immature communication we see on what is supposed to pass as news programs. It is affecting all of us and adding to a culture where courtesy, respect, patience, and listening respectfully to another point of view are disappearing.

      • lotusdog says:

        what do you want to bet the cancellation had something to do with extremist right wing conservatives that are threatened by the truth in these type things?

        • BQBecky says:

          It had to do with the fact that it is the lowest rated show on television. Why do you left-wingers have to turn everything into politics? Oh, wait, you are all into fantasy worlds – like the one our illustrious pres and Michy have put us into- a socialist society where everyone is equal and the poor masses live happily ever after. Know that!

    14. sue says:

      I also did not know it was going to end. I loved this show. I’m glad they at least gave us an ending unlike Ghost Whisperer. these were two great shows back to back. How could you just dump them.

    15. mili says:

      i’m very sad and angry that medium was canceld.i love the show’ i love to see allison and joe together – it warmed my heart’ but the last episode also blust my heart- how could joe die? in bbc the love to kill the hero (robin hood//)its crul to do that-joe didnt have to die-thet could show us that they are together gettung old on the porch and it was the last dream of allison that in the end saves her own husband!!!! i cried at the end…

    16. Diane says:

      I also watched the final episode with no idea until the end. I still doubted that they were canceling since they had done a show similar before that projected into the future. I thought maybe Joe was being written out due to his commitment to “Lie to me”. This has been a favorite show of mine for so long. What to watch on Friday nights now? They always take off the great shows and leave on the crap. I am discusted and can only hope some executive at CBS will reconsider.

    17. Shirah Siladie says:

      My husband & I are disappointed & frustrated that such an enjoyable show has been canceled. All the actors portraying the main characters were superb performers. We loved the way the family was so realistically played. The writing was great. There are so few good dramas on air these days. Hope to see Arquette & all her “family” in future productions somewhere, as they are great actors.

    18. Suzanne Cloutier (Canada) says:

      As a French Canadian, there is only a few shows that I chose to watch every week and Medium was my FAVORITE OF ALL. I had no idea this was the final episode and I cannot tell you how much I was sadden by this decision from CBS. Did you know that 7 millions people were watching this show every week? This means that there was a lot of fans who were surely as shock as I was with this last episode. It felt like a part of my life just ended with the show. I was anxious and excited avery week to see what the talended writers of this show and the spectacular actors would bring into my life. It was a show with great family values and suspense to keep me interested in it for 7 years ! I still have the last episode on my recorder and cannot bring myself to erase it. Will I ever be able to erase it ? I doubt it.

      I wanted to write this comment in my personal name but also for all the French Canadian in this world who may be have not the ability to express themselves in English.

      Au revoir Medium… nous ne vous oublierons jamais et vous demeurerez toujours un merveilleux souvenir. Goodbye Medium… you will be missed forever.

      Suzanne Cloutier (Gatineau, Quebec)

    19. Margaret Pilon says:

      I was very disappointed to hear one of my favorite shows was cancelled. At first I thought it was the end of the season but just found out the show was cancelled. Too bad… there are a lot of other silly sitcoms that could have been cancelled instead.

    20. julie jones says:

      I am thrilled it was cancelled I saw Allison on another show and she was horribly rude and acted like an abusive drunk anyone who acted like she did does not deserve to have a show made about her life

    21. fmatbicio says:

      I still can’t believe it. They cancelled one of the best shows. Medium, there is not a show that could even come close to replacing it. What were you thinking CBS? Just plan stupid on CBS part………

    22. DebrahAnne says:

      Has anyone considered that this show was cancelled because of the asinine spectacle the “real” Allison Dubois made of herself on Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills which aired this past December 2010?

    23. Rick Lavoie says:

      I can only echo most of the sentiments from above (especially the first-well written) only to add this promising nugget. The entire industry is in the process of massive change. Internet viewership is forecasted to be 80% by 2020, some think sooner. There will be multiple online options whereby viewers WILL have much more control over what they view in addition to where and how. You’re all right, the quality of Medium was outstanding and I watched it from the beginning. They already moved networks once. Maybe they can be the first show to transition to online. Who would like to start the petition? If no one raises their hands, I will.

    24. Donna says:

      So disappointed in CBC for cancellling one of the better tv shows that they have.

    25. janet60 says:

      I watch only two sitcoms, only ones worth watching. Medium was my favorite. I will miss it. The story line was just interesting enough to keep my attention and the acting well done. I can’t tolerate the stupidity of the reality programs, which I think dumbs everyone down to the point of a five-year old. Who in the world came up with these reality programs. Who cares if someone can dance, for that matter who cares about switching wives or the other no brainers. I don’t understand the latest generation who has to watch these reality programs. I want to be entertained when I close my office, not be bored to death with the reality programs. They have little intellect and imagination behind them. There is only one program to watch, as far as I am concerned, House being my second favorite.

      I am sorry to see one of the better shows taken off the air. I guess TV will be out for me. I don’t even watch the news on TV anymore because it is so controlled; we are given bits and pieces of what we need to know, and the worst of it is, we are lied to by the news media, FOX being the worst. If I want news, I go to the internet and read the news papers from around the world. I have always known the news is manipulated to show only one point of view, from personal experience.

    26. Nancy-Psychologist says:

      After seeing the real Allison DuBois on Housewives, I could no longer watch “Medium.” The real Allison DuBois is mean enough to be quite frightening. If you don’t believe it, find a re-run of the “lost footage of the dinner” espisode. If the “Medium” TV series was truly based on DuBois’ life, they must have some seriously good fiction writers.

    27. Mike says:

      I will miss Medium, but in all honesty, I think the Jan. 21st, 2011 episode should have been a 2hour series finale. That was a lot to cram into one hour. I hope the DVD has an extended finale. The first season had an extended pilot so if you are listening CBS, please make the series finale 2 choices the tv version and the extended series finale!! That would be great!

    28. Kathy Wise says:

      I only today learned that Medium was cancelled, because my family and I were gone for several weeks in January and never watched TV while we were gone so I missed that last two episodes. I wondered why it hadn’t showed up on TV again after the fall hiatus, so went online and discovered the sad news. We also felt it was one of the most well-acted shows on TV and presented a “regular” family with all its flaws, but also showed how families worked through difficulties and crises and still loved each other. I also loved the fact that Patricia Arquette was beautiful and smart and a great actress but not one of those skinny, anorexic actresses – she looks like a real woman! I guess if they killed off Joe there is no chance of bringing back the series – but I will add my opinion that this was a huge mistake and a huge disappointment. I also HATE reality shows and can’t believe there are people who really watch such crud. I can’t quite understand though why just because the real Alison apparently is not a nice person, why that has anything to do with this show which was only LOOSELY based on the real Alison.

    29. Medium Fan says:

      Was it too much to ask for to let the show end with Allison and Joe living happily ever after and grow old together? I cried for half and hour after watching this crappy finale. Was such a huge fan and could not have been more disappointed with such an awesome show being given the boot.

      To both CBS and NBC: you wouldn’t know a great show if it bit you in the a**

    30. BethM says:

      I wonder if, in the wake of Charlie Sheen self-destructing, and CBS canceling or at least postponing Two and a Half Men, whether CBS might be inclined to let Medium complete season 7. The first thing they could do is give fans an alternate finale. I think it would make everyone (except perhaps the dramatists among us) a more graceful goodbye and a lighter heart to enjoy the years of reruns ahead. I realize that this wonderfully talented cast is moving on and can’t wait around for CBS to have a change of heart. But it could be a win/win situation: CBS – great ratings as people tune in to see what’s going on; fans – relief at keeping their favorite family intact to live on in syndication heaven; consumers to have their faith slightly restored that networks do care about viewers (even if just a little).

    31. CM says:

      WOW! I just finished watching the last episode of Medium on Netflix. It was heartbreaking! I couldn’t believe what I had just watched so I watched it again just to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a nightmare. I agree with all of you how all those stupid mind numbing reality shows are still on??? Who cares if the real Allison is not a nice person, it has nothing to do with the show. :'(

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