Michael Johnson Leaves Celebrity Apprentice

Michael Johnson Leaves Celebrity Apprentice – It seems that a lot of people have been confused over whether or not Donald Trump fired the former-track star that amazed everyone with his running abilities, or whether he quit the Apprentice. The real story is actually that Michael Johnson decided that it would be in his best interest for himself if he left the contest a bit early. Johnson might or might not have thought he had a chance to win the contest, but regardless he wont ever know what the outcome would have been. He said to reporters that he had a very personal family matter that was calling his attention. He told reporters that it had to do with this son, but he was not keen to give all the of details.

He wanted to keep the personal family matter enclosed to where it belongs, his family. Johnson must have told Donald Trump about the unexpected turn of events and told Trump that if things were to clear up for him, he might be able to come back to the competition after a later date with the matter is cleared up. However, as you might have guessed Trump told Johnson that bringing him back wouldn’t be fair to everyone else, so the answer is no.

Michael Johnson was one of the finest track stars that the Olympics had ever seen. He won a gold medal and currently he still holds the world record for the 400 meter and 4×400 meter relay. You can’t argue that he had some extraordinary abilities in that field and he may have been suited for the business side of things as well, but we are glad that Michael has placed his family first. We can often forget what should come first in our lives but Michael sees that his son is far more important than his competition.

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