MTV Show Skins Losing Advertisements

MTV’s latest series “Skins” debuted on January 11. Since the show’s release, there has been a great amount of controversy surrounding its content. The show, which is filmed in Toronto based off the British version of the show with the same name.

The show is filled with drugs and sex. The Parents Television Council have called it “the most dangerous show” on television. In a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Senate, and the House Judiciary Committees, the PTC states, “In addition to the sexual content on the show involving cast members as young as 15, the PTC counted 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the premiere episode.”

A number of companies have pulled their TV spots from the series, the latest being H&R Block. H&R Block followed GM, Wrigley, and Taco Bell in pulling their ads from the show. In response, MTV’s rep said, “We have an ongoing dialogue with our advertising partners about the best fit for them across our diverse lineup of shows.”

Upon finding out about H&R Block, MTV was not available to comment. The PTC has alleged that many scenes from the show may be grounds for child pornography charges. The show includes scenes of underage sex, girls flashing their breasts, and drug-induced erections. Businesses previously pulled their ads from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

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