My Life As Liz Season 2 On MTV With Elizabeth Lee

After airing a marathon of their hit TV show My Life as Liz season 1 on Monday, MTV has finally announced that there will be a season 2 of the fake reality series.

The network has unveiled that instead of premiering in Fall of 2010 which is obviously not happening – it will air on February 8, 2011 at 11 pm.

My Life as Liz follows Elizabeth Lee and her schoolmates Bryson,Colin “Sully” Sullivan, Miles Reed and Troy Yingst in Texas through their senior year in Burleson High finished back in March of 2010.

The channel released the following statement explaining the reason why for renewing the “scripted” reality show:

“We didn’t set out to confuse people. We don’t look at it as just a reality show. We weren’t going to call it a sitcom, because it’s not. […] The rule was, when Liz is around other people, we played that as straight as we could. When she’s alone, that’s when we were able to stylize things more.”

Are you happy that Liz will be returning for a second season this February?

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