NaOnka Mixon And Kelly Shinn Survivor: Nicaragua Quitters

Several contestants on the reality TV show “Survivor: Nicaragua” have asked to go home for various reasons. NaOnka Mixon who is originally from Los Angeles asked to go home because of the fact that the constant rain makes her joints ache too badly. Viewers most likely will not be too sorry to see her go, as she was never a favorite anyway since she was caught stealing food from some of the people on her own team.

The other person who quit the reality TV show that tests individual’s survival skills was Kelly Shinn who is 20 years old and a nursing student in Arizona. She confessed that she felt as though her body was breaking down and needed to leave right away.

Both of the contestants who left didn’t get a whole lot of sympathy from viewers who for the most part wanted to see them gone anyway.

The host of the show, Jeff Probst, told the contestants to get out after they had been given one day to reconsider their positions on leaving. It is clear that NaOnka suffered from self-image issues, even though she clearly was not the smartest person on the show. It comes as no surprise that both of them would ask to leave.

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