National Unfriend Day 2010: November 17

National Unfriend Day 2010: November 17 – The popular host of the self-titled Jimmy Kimmel Show has been urging all of his viewers to cut off what he calls the “friend fat” from their Facebook pages as well as other social networking sites that are extremely popular right now. He said this includes celebrities and brand names that never really bring anything interesting or significant to those who decide to friend them. Kimmel said that this day is a perfect excuse to go through all of the friends you have never met or talk to and get rid of them completely.

He has been supporting the “National Unfriend Day” for a while now on his show, claiming that it gives a lot of people the opportunity to do what they should have done a long time ago and get rid of so-called “friends” that do nothing but take up space on your friend’s list. Facebook has made it more difficult to ignore requests from people who want to be your friend by putting “Not now” in place of the previous “Ignore” button which more Facebook users seemed to prefer. One thing is for sure though, a lot of people will be unfriending on their Facebook pages today as it has been widely announced and promoted by a number of people.

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