Neil Patrick Harris Slams Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden who is best known for his role in “The Young and the Restless” was heavily criticized this week by Neil Patrick Harris when he decided that he didn’t want to do a cameo on CBS’ hit comedy “How I Met Your Mother”.

Harris called Braeden a “D-Bag” on his Twitter page, referring to his backing out of the small role he was supposed to play on the show.

Braeden said that there were multiple reasons that pushed him not to join the cast, including the fact that guest star salaries aren’t all that high and the fact that he had done cameos before and was not thrilled with the experience.

Braeden did actually appear on a 2008 episode of the show and then said that it ended up being a very warm and inviting experience and one that he will definitely treasure for years to come.

Now it seems like Braeden has changed his tune and will not be making a cameo on one of the newer episodes of the comedy hit.

Harris says that he now regrets his comments about the actor, saying that he feels bad for what he said on Twitter about him but that he is simply protective of the show and wants every episode to be the best it can be.

Ray Wise replaced Eric Braeden for the part.

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    1. Jennifer says:

      Who’s Eric Braeden and who really cares??

    2. Roy Mabe Jr. says:

      If I were Eric Braeden,I would take the role in a future episode if “How I Met Your Mother” , then remind Neil Patrick Harris that I had been acting long before he was ever born.

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