New American Idol JUDGES

New American Idol JUDGES – With Jennifer Lopez joining the judge’s table at “American Idol,” many have wondered what role she will play. Previously, Paula consistently played the nice judge, who was only brutally honest with the worst performers that came in front of them.

She constantly encouraged people to continue to pursue their dreams, even if it was clear that they just did not have the talent for it. Randy Jackson has always been the type to be honest with people, but do it in a bit of a nicer way. With Simon gone from the program, it is doubtful that Jennifer Lopez will be the dungeon master that Simon Cowell once was. It seems out of her character to be so openly rude to people.

She first came into the national spotlight in the middle to late 90s. She appeared on “In Living Color,” alongside superstars like Jim Carrey and Jamie Fox, but soon moved to music where she enjoyed a very successful career as a hip hop and R&B songstress.

Now, she is looking to take her talents back to television as a music judge on the most popular talent program in the world, “American Idol.”

With her music career seemingly toward the end of its run, the show will provide Lopez to remain an authoritative source in the music industry without having to pursue a career that is in its twilight. Who knows, maybe her new gig could jump start her singing career as well.

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