Nicole Snooki Polizzi ‘A Shore Thing’ New Book

Despite many of Americans feelings about ‘Jersey Shore’ and the cast members on the show, it looks like one reality star has decided to add a little intellectualism to her reputation.

Snooki, who’s real name is Nicole Polizzi, has recently written a book that was co-authored by writer Valerie Frankel, and it was released in book stores across America on Tuesday.

Polizzi commented on her achievement, saying, “I never knew I would write a book! But I’m so happy I did. I’m very happy that a lot of people want to read it, and that people who have read it are impressed. The people who aren’t going to read it, the negative people, I’m sure if they DID read it, they’d think it was awesome.”

The story, although it is fictional, is based heavily and Polizzi’s adventures with her best friend and fellow cast-member, Jenni ‘JWOWW Farley. The two main characters spend the summer on the Jersey Shore and subsequently make up, hook up, and break up, with numerous different guys, while dealing with any kind of fashion issue that should arise.

Polizzi said, “It’s definitely one of my goals to write” a sequel to her first book.

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