Niecy Nash And Louis Van Amstel On DWTS

Niecy Nash And Louis Van Amstel On DWTS – This week on Dancing With The Stars contestants were encouraged to try to tell a story through their dance. The dance that had blogs and media abuzz was comedian Niecy Nash’s dance with professional dancer Louis Van Amstel. The two of them decided that their dance would tell the story of an interracial couple from the 1960s. Nash had commented recently saying that she loved her husband, and could not imagine having to hide their romance in a time when interracial marriage was not legal. Van Amstel said that the dance was created as a way to show “how far we have come.” Van Amstel, who is openly homosexual, then said that he was “still fighting his own battle” which was a direct reference to gay marriage laws in California that currently outlaw the practice.

Nash teared up during the performance, and when the dance came to an end she was visibly crying on stage. The judges seemed to be impressed with the story that was told during the dance, but only awarded the pair 21 out of a 30 possible points for their dance.

Buzz Aldrin remained at the bottom of the scores this week. He waltzed to “It’s A Wonderful World,” and through dance told a story about a war veteran’s return home to be reunited with his daughter. While the story may have been touching, the technical performance only was awarded 13 out of 30 possible points from the three judges. Len Goodman, the head judge on the show, has said that Buzz Aldrin is an American Hero, but is not a dancer. Chad Ochocinco, who has scored low in recent weeks, was able to score 20 points out of the 30 points possible, placing him around the middle of the pack.

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    1. Frank G. says:

      I watch Dancing … to see the performances not to hear their political views. Note to the gay dude – just STFU and dance.

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