Oprah Winfrey Network Launch

Oprah Winfrey is ringing in the New Year in her own unique way, by launching a 24 hour lifestyle program network which will include a number of shows from various celebrities such as Shania Twain the country music star.

The new “OWN” channel has had the launch date changed twice because of the constantly growing need for more money to fund it.

Over the course of her 25 year career, Winfrey has managed to really make a name for herself and build a following that is still going strong and a reputation of being one of the most caring and devoted talk show hosts in the history of television.

Most of the programs on here new show will consist of empowering messages about self-improvement and positivity directed towards women, although she said that men will be able to benefit from it as well.

Winfrey said that she wanted to build up a network that would effectively empower those who watched to act and change their lives as well as the lives of those who are around them.

Many Winfrey fans are excited about the launch of the network which was set to premier at the very beginning of 2011 and promises to offer everything fans are expecting.

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