Oprah’s Next Chapter

Oprah’s Next Chapter – Oprah Winfrey has one of the most watched television shows throughout the entire television network. It seems that the products she stands behind do well, the people she endorses do well, and the shows that she advertises do well. Well now Oprah is looking to advertise a prime-time interview show which is going to be called “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Oprah is now planning to calm her life and change what she has been doing which is daily episodes and turn things in a new direction. She wants the new show to only be on two or three nights a week so that she has some more time in her life. She doesn’t want the daily talk show like she has been doing previously.

“Oprah’s Next Chapter” is sure to be a huge event for her and a big turning point in her life. It will premiere just after her current talk show is planned to end in September of 2011. The Oprah Winfrey Network is hoping that by placing her on prime-time she will attract more of an audience base than she ever has before. This means big payouts from advertisers and more exclusive and better content for the viewers. By only having the show on a couple times a week, you can be sure the content you’re tuning in for is going to be superb. Oprah actually was on stage amongst several hundred of her future advertisers when she was at the Discovery Communications annual upfront presentation just recently. This marked the beginning of her ad selling season and already they are building contracts and million dollar deals to help secure the future of the television show which is sure to be a huge hit among the viewers.

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