Paula Abdul Star Search Host? Abdul Says No To ABC

Paula Abdul Star Search Host? Abdul Says No To ABC – It looks as though Paula Abdul, who was recently booted from the insanely popular television series “American Idol,” following a few questionable antics on her part, will not be out of work for long. She has reportedly been tapped to fill in as a host for the recent reboot of the television series “Star Search.” If anything is certain in this situation, it is that Paula certainly has enough experience as a television talent judge. It is likely that Paula will play a role that is similar to the way that she judged performances in “American Idol.” Often times, regardless of how awful the audition was, Paula would offer words of encouragement and advise them to never give up on their dreams.

Paula Abdul has been linked to a number of television hosting jobs since she first departed from American Idol. While some of them seemed to make a lot of sense at the time of release, none of them ever seemed to come into fruition. However, it is confirmed that Paula Abdul will indeed become the newest Star Search host. Star Search has been famous for finding talent throughout its run on television. In the shows earlier years the television program hosted future stars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Aaliyah. In the shows most recent attempt at a reboot, in 2003 with host Arsenio Hall (who coincidentally is an ex-boyfriend of Paula Abdul’s), the show was able to find the future country singing sensation Tiffany Evans.
Many Hollywood insiders believe that Star Search is the right place for Paula Abdul to land following her Idol success. Hopefully, for her sake, the show is able to perform much better than it did the last time around in 2003. If not, Abdul may be searching for another new job here sooner than she thinks.

Update: sources close to ABC network confirmed that the deal will not be happening after all.Abdul camp on the other hand is insisting that she was the one who turned down the offer.

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