Rachel Uchitel Romancing Rachel Reality TV Show

Rachel Uchitel Romancing Rachel Reality TV Show – Rachel Uchitel which was one of the women that Tiger Woods allegedly had an affair with is trying to get some money out of her situation for a second time. She just got her first television show and is looking to take her fame onto the screen where everyone can watch her. Hollyscoop reported once before that she had been contacted by different companies that wanted to start a production about her which would have her star in her own television show. The production companies were all local contractors but it seems that Rachel Uchitel is rather interested in the idea.

TMZ also reported that the title of the show is set to be called Romancing Rachel. The show is said to give fans what they are looking for and it will feature Rachel looking to find a guy to date and be with. Even though the recent Tiger Woods scandal may have been made public Rachel is said to still be looking for love and something special in her life. The show is going to tape her while she looks for true love everywhere that she can. Rachel has brought the idea for the show to various different production companies. Some of those are E!, VH1, Oxygen, and Lifetime. It is reported that E! and Lifetime declined the show’s idea but VH1 and Oxygen still haven’t come to a conclusion yet and might consider the possibility. It seems that E! has said no to Rachel’s idea but yet they gave “Pretty Wild” a go which turned out to be a complete disaster. Rachel is working with Scott Jeffress who is serving has her producer in order to find her show a welcoming home. Scott Jeffress was the producer of The Bachelor and Jersey Shore.

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    1. Carmen says:

      This piece of trash wants to remains visible on the media sending Tiger the message that she is out there still waiting and available to offer him relief and consolation while he is hurting due to his impending divorce. So every now and then she finds a way to come into the media, now by trying to get into Dancing with the Stars and a reality show. I read that Uchi –Uterus has been trying to repair her W-H-O-R-E image because she is desperately hoping ($$$$) to get back with Tiger as soon as he is divorced or even before if she can. I also read that Gloria Allred may have used Jostlyn James to sabotage the reconciliation of Tiger and Elin to benefit Rachel. As you can see there is great incentive ($$$$) and interest here for this shameless, immoral woman. Time will tell.

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