Raquel Welch On Oprah

Raquel Welch On Oprah – Raquel Welch, a former popular pin up who is now nearly 70 years old, told Oprah that when she first talked to a number of different modeling agencies they were not interested in her because of the shape of her body. She said that she approached a number of large modeling agencies and failed to find one that would give her the chance. She said that by that time she had already tried to become a movie star in Los Angeles in the early 1960’s, and she felt that that may have affected her chances to make it in the modeling industry. She said that she took a modeling job to help her pay the bills while she looked for an acting job, and that most of the companies did not like her body or the way that it looked on film. Those companies are probably kicking themselves now.

She would later star in One Million Years B.C. and recently released a new biography that was entitled “Beyond the Cleavage.” She said that it took awhile for the modeling agencies to warm up to her, and she practically had to be thrust into the sex symbol position in order to be taken seriously in the industry. She went on to say that when she arrived in Los Angeles she had already had two children, and that many modeling agencies were unaware of that fact, as she was afraid that it might hold her back from receiving work.
She was able to land a few minor roles throughout the early and mid sixties, but did not receive her big break until 1966. At the time her oldest child was six years old, and the mother of two was instantly rocketed into sex symbol status across the nation. “It was hard learning how to deal with it,” she told Oprah “but you get used to it fast in this business.”

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