Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2011 Host Criticized

Ricky Gervais was the host for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards for the second time in a row on January 16th which took place in Beverly Hills, California at the Hilton Hotel.

Although Gervais didn’t make much of a grand entrance, he did make some rather crude and distasteful jokes about Charlie Sheen as well as Cher and Toy Story 3.

He opened with a joke about Charlie Sheen’s alcoholism which didn’t yield very many applause or laughs, starting the night off on somewhat of an awkward note.

After taking note of how many 3D movies are starting to come out now, he made a joke regarding Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, referring to the movie they recently played in together entitled “The Tourist”.

He eventually got to Cher, joking that the association has been accepting bribes for Cher’s concert ticket and that it really isn’t a bribe at all because nobody wants to see her anymore.

After that Gervais took another stab at off-color humor, insulting scientologists (Tom Cruise and John Travolta?).

The rest of his jokes were directed at Hugh Hefner as well as his new 24-year-old fiancé along with the show “Lost” and Mel Gibson due to the fact that he has caused so much controversy in the last year or so.

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    1. Chrisi says:

      I thought Ricky was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! He just said everything everyone was thinking and I loved it!!! Best host ever 🙂

    2. booya says:

      Ricky Rules!! Not only did have have the guts to rip these show-biz snobs, but his humor was also razor sharp. Many of the celebs was holding back laughter out of respect for their peers. You can, however, see the likes of Alec Baldwin wiping away tears of laughter. Considering what these actors are paid, they should be able to handle it.

    3. slkjsm says:

      Ricky ROCKED! He was his typical self with his great sense of humor. Sorry some people can’t take a joke, or should I say the truth?

    4. ethel says:

      I thought Gervais’ distasteful jokes were not funny and at all and diminished the elegance and sparkle of the golden globes. Too much!!

    5. Greta says:

      I think if you re-watch the show you will find Gervais did not make digs at Jim Carey and Phillip Morris. He used their movie to set up his joke about closet gay Scientologists. I thought he was hilarious.

    6. jc says:

      Ricky’s awesome. If it wasn’t for him the GGs would be one big snooze-fest.

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