Rielle Hunter On Oprah Interview May 2010

Rielle Hunter On Oprah Interview May 2010 – Rielle Hunter will be interviewed by Oprah in May 2010. The interview is one of the most sought after in recent memory. The National Enquirer has reported that Hunter will be sitting down with the Queen of Talk TV sometime during the May Sweeps. It is reported that Oprah will be joining Rielle at her North Carolina home to conduct the interview.
“Rielle is super excited to have Oprah come to her home,” the Enquirer quotes someone close to Hunter saying.” The insider went on to say that Rielle would like to clear the air and give her account as to how she “met John, how the affair began, and what’s in store for the future.” Rielle also recently posed for some scandalous photos for GQ Magazine, photos she would later label as “repulsive.”
Rielle Hunter was the Mistress of former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards. Edwards had seen rumors of his infidelity reported on in tabloids for over a year before the news broke about his affair with Rielle hunter. It is reported that Hunter was hired onto the campaign staff to produce a series of short videos that documented the day to day life of John Edwards and the rest of the staff when they were on the campaign trail during his bid for the 2008 presidential election. It was during that time that the two reportedly took part in an extramarital affair.
In 2008 Hunter gave birth to her daughter in California. The National Enquirer reported that Hunter had not listed a father on her birth certificate, and the magazine insinuated that John Edwards was the father of the child. Edwards would later admit to the affair, but would deny that the child was his. Hunter has said that she will not allow a paternity test to be administered into order to determine who the father of the child is.

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    1. sueandrea says:

      I saw the interview with Rielle Hunter on Oprah. In my opinion she has no empathy or moral compass. In other words, a sociopath.

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