Robert Pattinson & Taylor Swift In The Buried Life Season 2

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Swift In The Buried Life Season 2 – ‘The Buried Life’, on MTV, is a show by crazy people for crazy people who like to do crazy things. So, for the new season, it’s business as usual for the show. Last season, they got the President, Barack Obama, and this year they’re aiming for lesser celebrities in the pop world.

One of their targets was Taylor Swift, who Duncan Penn attempts to ask out on a date.

“We try and streak a major stadium and get away with it,” Jonnie Penn explained to MTV News. “And the second episode is Duncan [Penn, Jonnie’s brother] trying to ask out Taylor Swift.”

This is in the second show of the season, and the boys are tight lipped on the results.

“You’ll have to watch the episode to find out,” Duncan said. “I can’t tell you, but she does answer.”

Twilight star Robert Pattinson was also in the firing line, as an attempt was made to get a piece of his ‘mojo’, and succeeded.

“We got dared on our Facebook page,” Jonnie recalled. “We asked them what they would dare us to do, because one of the list items is to accept a dare, and they said the world voted and that we should steal a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair.”

“So, we went vampire hunting and did it,” Duncan said. “I’m not telling [where the hair is]. It’s in my pillow case.”

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