Sarah Palin Alaska TV Show TLC

Sarah Palin Alaska TV Show TLC – It appears that the former vice presidential hopeful who was reportedly going to be debuting her reality television series on Discovery, will actually be debuting the show on TLC instead. It has been rumored for several weeks that Palin was going to be hosting her own reality TV show about her native state of Alaska. In recent days there had been reports of several different television networks bidding on the show and to have Palin as the host. It was originally speculated that Discovery would be the home for the television show, which has been garnering attention from around the country and from a variety of different tabloids. However, it appears that the show will actually be appearing on TLC. Details of the contract that was signed for the television show were not immediately available, and it is unclear if Palin will continue to host the show for more than one season, or if the reality series will be a miniseries of sorts.

Some have speculated that the show may go on for quite awhile, as there are many different places in Alaska that the reality crew could visit. This would give Palin another medium to help her spread her cause if she chooses to run in the upcoming presidential election against the current incumbent, Barack Obama. Palin was the focus of a number of rumors when she ran with John McCain for the white house in 2008. She was criticized for buying clothes that were too expensive with donation money, and also was featured in a few other rumors that went around the rumor mill as well. TLC did not immediately comment on the story, and it has been speculated that Palin is trying to gather places to voice her opinion for the upcoming election after she took an analyst position at FOX news.

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    1. Alaskan D says:

      She’s a fraud and an idiot and Alaskans don’t want her doing this show! The woman took an oath to be governor and she quit half way!! I don’t like President Obamas politics but he wouldn’t just quit. I won’t let my children watch her show. What would they learn? The wo
      and diction and grammar are terrible. The show is disgusting. Shame on Discovery and TLC fir hiring an anti-education,anti-nature,anti/envronmental, anti-science, creationist hypocrite! She’s an opprtunist and on the same level now as Kate if 8 and octomen. Trash who only cares about money. We will not support any Discovery network channels or your advertisors.

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