Sarah Palin Discovery Networks:Alaska Travel Reality Show

Sarah Palin Discovery Networks:Alaska Travel Reality Show – Sarah Palin has been connected to a number of different television networks in recent weeks. First, it was confirmed that Sarah Palin will be appearing on FOX News as an anchor sometime in the near future. Experts at the time had speculated that she was attempting to stockpile mediums for which to run with when she ran for president here in a few years during the next presidential election. It was unclear what her intentions were when she chose to become part of the Fox team, and there is a fair amount of confusion with her latest decision to have her own reality show on Discovery Networks.

It is rumored that the reality show will feature Palin visiting several different destinations in Alaska, and giving a run down of what travelers can expect as they take tours around the state that is often neglected in the minds of many Americans. Palin has yet to comment on the announcement of her recent reality show, but those close to her have stated that she is excited for the opportunity. Her reasoning behind the newest show has not been made immediately clear, and many have speculated that this is her furthering her venues to speak on when she goes to run for president in the next few years. While no confirmation has come from either camp, several industry insiders have confirmed that the deal has been completed. Information regarding the amount that the contract was worth was not immediately available, but many have speculated that it will be well over one million dollars. Palin, who was chosen as John McCain’s running mate last election, has been the center of a number of headlines and controversies in recent years as she continues to further her political career.

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