Sarah Palin FOX News Special This Thursday

Sarah Palin FOX News Special This Thursday – It was announced several weeks ago that Sarah Palin had agreed to take a conservative primetime talk show position. However, the aftermath of that announcement has been rather quiet in recent weeks, until recently. It was announced that the former Alaskan Governor will be the host of an ongoing political primetime series that is titled Real American Stories, and will be starting on this upcoming Thursday night. Many have speculated that Palin may be looking for ways to increase the number of platforms that she will have to speak in the upcoming presidential election. Speculation began that she would be running for President in the upcoming presidential election after she stepped down from her position of the Governor of Alaska mid term to “focus on other opportunities.” Apparently, those opportunities included a reality show about the state of Alaska and a prime time news program at Fox news.

Palin has managed to stay relevant to the public after losing the presidential bid with John McCain through a number of personal problems, a book release and helping other members of the republican party to campaign in their home states. Most recently, she rallied the base of the party for John McCain in Arizona, and called on tea party protesters to help a number of other republican officials take office in the upcoming election. Representatives for Sarah Palin have not commented on the recent release but it is speculated that Sarah Palin and her new shows will be among the most watched programs in the coming weeks after she has essentially been able to ignite a media firestorm in recent weeks. Sarah Palin was a surprise choice by John McCain to run as his running mate in the last presidential election, and many felt as if his choice may have hurt the party’s chances to beat Barack Obama.

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