Serene Branson CBS 2 News Reporter Grammy Awards 2011 Not Hospitalized

Los Angeles TV viewers were stunned when a Los Angeles reporter for CBS 2 News there named Serene Branson suffered a possible stroke during her live broadcast while covering post Grammy Award festivities.

She was standing outside the Staples center doing her report about the night’s events when suddenly she began to go into some slurred speech and became incomprehensible.

She tried to continue but it became apparent to the public and CBS that something had gone awry.

Branson tried to carry on and struggled for at least ten seconds and became aware she was in some sort of trouble. Soon the video stopped and cut to some pre recorded event news.

CBS issued conflicting statements in regards to Branson’s treatment but it was announced later that she had been examined by paramedics at the scene almost immediately and that her vital signs came out normal.

Branson however did not need hospitalization however as a precautionary move she was taken home by a colleague and was reported to be doing well.

The multi Emmy Award nominee had also worked previously as a reporter for KCAL 9 in the state’s capital of Sacramento.

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