Simon Cowell Mezhgan Hussainy 9/11 Wedding?

Simon Cowell Mezhgan Hussainy 9/11 Wedding? – Simon Cowell, who is set to wed Mezhgan Hussainy, may have chosen a September 11th date for their upcoming wedding. Simon Cowell is a fifty year old music mogul who recently has gained fame for producing the ridiculously popular television series, “American Idol.” Idol has spurned a number of popular singing stars in the United States as well as in other countries and Cowell has seen his stock rise immensely since beginning the television show. He recently announced plans to leave the show as a talent judge to explore other ventures and opportunities, one of those being marriage. Mezhgan Hussainy is a makeup artist who worked on “American Idol” for several years before the two began dating.

While some have said that the date is an odd choice for a wedding, considering the storied history of the date, insiders close to both Cowell and Hussainy have said that the date was chosen because Simon has a “hectic schedule” and there aren’t many dates that he has available for the wedding. The wedding was originally slated for Spring, but when it became apparent that Simon would still be wrapped up in his Idol duties during that time, the two of them decided to push the wedding back to the end of summer.

Both of them recently appeared on the newly rejuvenated “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and announced their plans to the world on there. It is unclear at this time if the wedding will be a large ceremony, but both of them have stated that they do not plan to allow any photographers into the event aside from the ones that they have hired to document the day. Other rumors have stated that Simon Cowell may be trying to convince Elton John to sing at their wedding. While John may be much more than a wedding singer, the two of them have been good friends for quite some time and insiders say that Elton may just choose to comply.

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