Sofia Black D’Elia Skins Star Defends Show

One of the stars of the new MTV show ‘Skins’, has recently spoken out about the television show and attempted to defend it against the major outcry that has arisen.

Sofia Black D’Ella plays a lesbian who shares numerous make-out scenes with her co-star that plays her girlfriend, however, D’Ella claims that the series isn’t any more graphic than what teens actually go through in real life.

“It’s the way teenagers behave. Especially when you come from a home life where your parents don’t really listen to you or support you.

That’s what most of these kids are going through,” the 18-year old actress from North Jersey said. On the first episode of the show, D’Ella’s character shared a major make-out scene with another actress.

The two are seen dancing closely at a party one minute, and the next are passionately kissing up against a wall, eventually falling to the floor and continuing their make-out session.

The Parents Television Council has already called the show “the most dangerous show on television” and are doing their best to rally supporters around them in order to try and get the show taken off the air.

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