Survivor Producer Arrested Bruce Beresford

Survivor Producer Arrested Bruce Beresford – Not only was he already the leading suspect in the case of his wife’s murder when she was found dead in the sewers in Mexico, but now police have even more evidence to suggest that he was cheating on his wife shortly before her murder. A hotel guest caught the two arguing the day of her disappearance, perhaps now we know the reason why and how things spiraled out of control and came to such a tragic ending. Reporters are saying that Monica Beresford-Redman became fully aware that her husband was cheating on her just before she died. Her sister had informed her of the situation just a few days prior. Bruce Beresford-Redman was her husband, who had been the “Survivor” producer and also the co. creator of the popular show “Pimp my Ride.”

“I know he was having an affair, and she found out” is what Carla Burgos, Monica Beresford-Redman’s sister told reporters. Bruce has been at the very center of the investigation since it happened and is the prime suspect for her death. Bruce is supposed to be a really nice guy who enjoyed spending time with his family and working on his projects with the television series known as “Survivor.” He also was working for ABC’s driving game show known as “Crash Course.” His wife’s body was found just Thursday in a sewer in the streets of Mexico near the Swanky Moon Palace resort which was where the family was staying in Cancun, Mexico. Bruce is no longer being held in custody by the police but you can be sure that they have a close watch over him as he is not allowed to leave the country. Being a prime suspect in his wife’s murder you can be sure that the tensions are rising.

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