Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey In Court

Teresa Giudice is making headlines once more, this time for going crazy at a New Jersey courtroom on Wednesday.

She appeared in court because her husband is being sued by one of his former business partners, Joe Mastropole on accusations of fraud. Her husband Giuseppe (“Joe”) Giudice is currently being accused of forging his name on numerous documents, including a large secured loan as well as a mortgage document.

Mastropole claims that Giuseppe (“Joe”) Giudice kept $1 million to himself out of the secured loan and he wants it back. Apparently Teresa ended up having a fight with Monica Ciccone who is the wife of William Saracino Jr, Mastropole’s attorney.

Giudence couldn’t seem to keep her temper under control outside of the court room, but once inside she managed to stay out of trouble.

Witnesses say that she suddenly exploded in one of the hallways and indicated that she and Ciccone needed to talk immediately. There is no doubt that Giudence’s temper has only got worse since she became famously known as the angry wife on the reality TV show, but this time she risked getting herself in real trouble because of where she decided to pick a fight and with whom.

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    1. Anita says:

      thersa you and your ugly face need to shut up pleaseeeeee

    2. A says:

      Theresa is an absolute legend!!

    3. zabka says:

      A legend alright. Legendary stupidity, aggression and lack of self-awareness. Plus, she is a dog.

    4. Texanne says:

      Oh boo hoo Teresa. Nobody feels sorry for you.

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